Lampuga electric surfboard

The company Lampuga from Germany is the world’s only supplier of surf boards with a water-jet engine. This unusual invention allows to completely surrender to the beloved sport, accelerating where necessary, or take away from the bustling beaches to alone to enjoy the sea and sunbathing.

The Lampuga Board is made of light carbon fiber wide used in yachts, and equipped with a powerful full-electric jet engine that allows you to reach high speeds. It makes them as fast, agile and smooth as a sea creature, in whose honor they are named: llampuga, it – gold mackerel, fish-Dolphin, Maha-Mahi, Dorado, big Ponce, Mediterranean rapid sharks, sometimes reaching a two-meter sizes.

The length of the Board is of 2.56 meters, width 0.8 m, height 0,16 m, weight 39 kg – comparative slightly and is suitable for transport on the car roof. As a battery is used Lithium 51.8 V volume 58.8 Ah. When fully charged it lasts for 20-35 minutes of continuous engine operation Lampuga or 20 kilometers of turn. Charging time is 120 minutes, as an option the manufacturer offers equipment for accelerated charging for 60 minutes.

Lampuga is powered with powerful electric jet engine producing 15 HP and a top speed of 52 km/h. the Board is quite simple and quite safe. It is produced using a pen attached to the Board by a cable that provides a secure stance and full control over direction and speed.

The cost of one Lampuga Board is 15,400 €. Official website Lampuga:

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