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As the press service of the all-Russian sailing Federation, in Sochi on the basis of the fgbi “South Sports” has started the championship of Russia in the Olympic class RS:X. the fight for the title of national Champions entered 15 men and 10 women from the Krasnodar region, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol.

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On the first day of competition was held the solemn opening of the championship. Good luck to the athletes and wished the Vice President all-Russian sailing Federation, Vadim Mekhanikov, Director of the Department of physical culture and sports of the Sochi administration Sergey Pilosyan and Deputy Director of the fgbi “South Sports” Natalia Skorupska.

“Sailing is one of the big components of our southern Federal sports training center, – said Natalia Skorupska. Traditionally Sochi for the winter season we open with the Russian sailing Federation. From October to may almost the guys from all regions of the country and the team are in our center, spend here some of the major competitions in his life. Thank you for choosing us, thank you sailing Federation for the confidence you have shown us”.

All the speakers wished the participants good luck and of course good weather. And for good reason. In the first day of racing, the judges were able to spend only two races. The wind blowing at a speed of 5-6 m/c by the end of the second race decently sour. The judges sent athletes to expect wind on the beach and then announced the end of race day.

The results of the two races, the leader of the men became Vladislav Burmistenko (parishes 3-1). Two more points from Eugene Aivazian (2-4) – he is the second. Third – Ilya Kirichuk (1-6).

The first race in the women’s competition was won by Anna Korikova. Athlete sailing school “Krestovsky island” recently returned from the world Championships, where he got into a gold fleet and showed the second result in the Russian team.

“On the world, felt tetroxide in distilled is much better than in Europe, said Anna Korikova. – Of course, I would like to be even higher. I was expecting to get to 30 strongest, but the result was 41 minutes. I have not enough experience of performances in terms of the gold fleet, where a lot of leaders. And here, in the championship of Russia, I want to win, no matter what. One of my main rivals – Stefania Elfwina – won the world championship in fourth place, but that’s not excuse for me, still need to fight the best.”

In recognition of Anna, at the start of the second race she did not guess the tactics and finished fourth, gaining a total of five points. The same – on account of the Yana Reznikova. The current world champion among juniors was launched at the “adult” championship. And immediately entered the top three.

“It’s the same interesting experience, as for other competitions, even international – said John reznikoff. – Fun to drive with the children, to see their level. In principle, I’m never setting yourself up for the result, the same approach I have for this championship. Want a good work out and have finally completed this season.”

The winner of the second race became the bronze medalist of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro Stephanie Elfwina. The accomplished athlete has for many years been the undisputed leader of the Russian team, with a large margin ahead of the other athletes. The first day of the national championship was no exception: in race two taking second and first places, Stefania is located on the first line of the intermediate Protocol. And let’s hope that this time the opponent will be Stephanie serious competition!

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