Floating house Floatwing: on Friday evening, in the middle of the lake…

A romantic weekend in a cozy cabin in the middle of a mountain lake? You say that such projects were many. Why are only floating homes Floating Seahorse who want to build in Dubai. But, friends, it really was just a project, but the floating house Floatwing from the Portuguese team Friday it currently exists and collects guests for the weekend, and the developers successfully offer people around the world to get a private water estate.

Friday (“Friday” – ed.) is a team of faculty and graduate students University of Coimbra (Coimbra, Portugal), which includes professors, qualified naval architects and designers. Floating house Floatwing – their first and major project started commercial production in October 2015. Its main value – versatile modular design and the ability to move independently by two on-Board motors with a maximum speed of 3 knots.

The house has a fixed width of 6 meters (20 feet) and can be in length from 10 to 18 meters (33-59 feet) with the interior space respectively from 28 to 52 square meters (301-560 sq ft). If desired, the inside can be equipped with just one large room-Studio, or from a few areas: for example, three bedrooms and a living room.

From the available equipment and work space has a fully equipped kitchen, wine cellar and BBQ on the upper deck. The temperature inside the house can be adjusted with heating system and air conditioning systems, powered by generators.

Floatwing going from materials that are ecologically safe for the environment, using technologies that reduce its carbon footprint (the sum of emissions of harmful substances and fumes) and lower energy requirements. Provided for onboard wastewater treatment system effective to such an extent that the used water returns to the lake in a safe condition.

The building can produce electricity through 31 sq m (334 sq ft) of solar panels. Thus it makes up 80% of its annual energy needs and 100% semi-annual.

Versatility the modular design of the floating house Floatwing allows you to transport it in two standard shipping containers. These containers are placed, including all equipment and furniture.

Specifications floating home Floatwing from Friday:

Maximum length: 10 to 18 m
Platform width: 6 m
Waterline length: 7 m to 15 m
Max height: 5.2 m
Draft: 0.6 m
Deck height: 2.4 m
Interior size: 28 to 52 sq. m.
Bedrooms: 0 to 3

Pictures of floating houses Floatwing from Friday:

Official website Friday: gofriday.eu
Presentation house Floatwing PDF gofriday.eu/datasheets/house_en.pdf

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