The evaluation Commission for the hydrofoil

A few days ago at lake Garda in Italy have completed testing of five different models of sailing boards, which was conducted by the Evaluation Committee of the International Federation of sail (Sailing World).

Had to make a recommendation to Council of World Sailing, which models to use at the Olympic games in 2024 in Paris. This problem was posed on a semi-annual conference of the Federation last may.

Twenty masters Windsurfing from different countries, for 10 women and men (including our Maxim Oberemko), tested the model RS:X, Glide, iFoil, Formula Foil and Windfoil 1. Then each explained to the members of the Commission his view on the question posed.

Many observers thought that the athletes followed the Commission will prefer the RS:X because this model is used at the Olympic regattas since 2008. However, something unexpected happened.

The Commission, as it became known, prefer to all others the model with an underwater wing Starboard iFoil. This, however, does not mean that the future of the Olympic RS:X need to automatically put a cross. The Commission will prepare a report to be submitted to the Committee on the equipment of World Sailing and considered during the annual Congress of the Federation in Bermuda. After which the final decision of the Council of World Sailing.

But what of the RS:X clouds gathered, – that’s for sure.

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