Edmond de Rothschild returns to the ocean

May 24, 2019

      Edmond de Rothschild returns to the ocean

After a six-month repair at the Multiplast shipyard, the Edmond de Rothschild racing trimaran (aka Gitana 17) was launched.

Edmond de Rothschild returns to the ocean

In addition to returning the right float lost in the race to the nasal tip (and the corresponding reinforcement of all structures), the vessel, according to a press release, "has undergone additional aero- and hydrodynamic optimization."

Interestingly, the data on the actual load on the hull of the yacht, were obtained using data recorded on-board navigation inertial data on actual overloads acting on the boat during that ill-fated race.

It is also reported that this Tuesday the trimaran will go to sea for the first photo shoot with his team – Frank Kamm and Charles Codrelier.

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