What is the Dinghy going to win?

International Federation sail – World Sailing has announced the dates of the testing equipment for the Games in 2024 in Paris. It’s about class “a lone Dinghy (the Dinghy)” men and women.

Agreed that testing will take place in Valencia March 11 – 15 this year. Testing will be held the following yachts belonging to a short-list:

– D-Zero;
– Laser Standard and Laser Radial;
– Melges 14;
– The RS Aero.

Those national federations who wish to participate in the tests are invited to send in World Sailing lists of their athletes (men and women) which will be chosen by direct participants starts in Valencia.

Nominees must meet the following criteria: be over 18 years of age and be a masters-level; weight of males between 75 and 90 kg, the weight of women – from 55 to 70 kg.

In General, you will agree, this testing can be a very curious event. I’d love to see how everything will happen!

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