One — good, three is better: Arksen showed a line of Explorer

Ambitious company-beginner of the yachting world, positioning itself as a technology innovator, boldly made his debut at Boot Düsseldorf — 2019, presenting a line of three expedition boats from 23 to 30 meters.

We are talking about Arksen 70, Arksen Arksen 85 and 100. The smallest model of the line (23 meters) — Arksen 70 is ready to take aboard up to eight guests inclusive. Arksen 85 (26,2 m) more spacious — accommodates up to 14 guests. Leads the lineup Arksen 100 (30 meters), also has a capacity of 14 guests.

Jasper Smith (Jasper Smith), head of brand, said that he has already sold the first Arksen 85, the construction of which should begin in the spring.

The trio at full strength is flexibility of layout, and has enough space to store everything you might need during the three-month voyage. The yacht is designed for the minimum required number of crew members.

Claimed the life of new products — 50 years. After the “death” they will not cause any damage to the environment, as will be fully recycled. This is possible thanks to the construction of only such materials and components which can be recycled.

Explorer will be equipped with hybrid diesel-electric propulsion and solar panels. Their average cruising speed is estimated at 11-14 knots. All boats have fully glassed flybridge, which guarantees spectacular views of the surrounding area, whether it is the blue Bay in the Caribbean or remote corner of the Arctic.

Arksen 85, the first of three models to be built, has an impressive cruising range 6,000 nautical miles on one tank (about 16 thousand liters). Due to the exceptional efficiency of the corps, provided the movement with a speed of seven knots in calm sea, power Arksen 85 is only 12 kW.

All Arksen come with the function of Ark Control: artificial intelligence constantly scans the critical system for signs of potential problems, allowing you to notice and remove them, and ideally prevent their occurrence.

He yacht brand Arksen is just the tip of the iceberg. Arksen is also the Foundation and the explorers club. The Arksen Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to Finance various research and conservation initiatives. It is noteworthy that all the owners of expedition ships Arksen default become sponsors of the Foundation, pledging to donate 10% annual time of stay of the vessel at sea on service projects supported by NGOs.

In turn, the “Club of researchers” (Explorers’ Club) is designed to help owners of semi-Autonomous hybrids Arksen to realize their dreams of travels. The club offers four brand route, including, for example, is travel to Svalbard, Easter island and the Falkland Islands.

“Our future and the future of the next generations depends on the ability to recognize the importance of ocean conservation. Owning a yacht Arksen is not a status symbol. This statement of intent” — proudly said Jasper Smith.

Add that Arksen close collaboration with Humphreys Yacht Design, Wight Shipyard Company, Design Unlimited and Waterline Media.

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