We know your rights! The law is on our side!

We know that sometimes is not as important a law as regulations. Therefore, entering into a struggle that belongs to us by conscience, we expect that it will be long before its final word yet and the right.

It all started with the fact that in 2017 the President of the WFTU has unexpectedly terminated the agreement with the magazine Yacht Russia on the joint conduct of the award “yachtsman of the year”, which is what the magazine came up with the idea for the award. And not only! To make the staff of Yacht Russia can supply and most of the organizational work on carrying out the award, and the lion’s share of Finance costs.

Of course, with such arbitrariness on the part of the WFTU we could not agree, especially that it seemed absolutely clear.

It is gratifying that it has been for the Federal service for intellectual property. It gave us a Certificate, in accordance with which the Publishing house “ayaks-press”, which includes our magazine, is the owner of the trademark “yachtsman of the year. National award”.

And that means the “i” in this story placed irrevocably. To our full satisfaction.

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