Hopes for leniency. As always

The marine police detained near Newport (Oregon) yacht, on Board which was 742 kg psychostimulant methamphetamine.

Skipper on the yacht Atlantis V was well known to the judicial authorities 65-year-old John Stirling is a canadian citizen, who has 30 years of transporting cocaine, heroin and marijuana (and now methamphetamine) between ports of Canada, USA and Mexico.

Sterling has been caught red-handed, but surprisingly, for all these three decades, he only once for a long time was arrested. It was in the distant 1990, when the skipper received a 5-year term.

In other situations, he was able to get away with it – as, for example, in 2001, when the yacht Sterling at a search found 2.5 tons of cocaine (the market price of the cargo, as reported, was $ 300 million!). The skipper and four crew members of the yacht is then handed over to canadian authorities, and those soon… released them from custody!

Similarly, Sterling has got away with it and other stories, which in his complicated biography, it was, as we have said, a lot.

It remains to add that sterling and this time hopes for leniency Themis. “I’m 65, he said. – Do you want the rest of my life I spent behind bars? Be kinder!”

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