Peter the Great would not have suffered

Published review of Vasily Senatorov, which will be published in the new October issue of the magazine Yacht Russia, under the heading “From the publisher”.

Ninety-two percent of readers of the magazine YACHT Russia, who took part in our opinion poll, not satisfied with the results shown by the Russian team at the world Cup in Aarhus. The vast majority of respondents believe that the training team will not be able to obtain more than two licenses for the Games in Tokyo. Only a few optimists call three, four or five licenses.

The responsibility for this yachting community has to coach, which I do not approve 80% (including “strongly” – 51%, and “mostly” disapprove 29%).

An even greater percentage of respondents are not satisfied with the work of the President of the WFTU (61% and 21%, respectively) and the Presidium as a whole (56% disapprove “strongly” and 24 percent “mostly” did not approve of his work).

Unlikely to this hard, so that there is a crushing verdict can be anything to add.

For the sake of justice we inform that sent out a thousand questionnaires the week, we received around 250 responses, which is 25% – a high percentage for this kind of surveys. Of course, the heroes of our study say that this fraud. What the editors are again biased and unsubstantiated denigrating the leadership of the Parus of the country.

However, not responding to the questionnaire 750 readers voted in support of management. Therefore, the approval-that, in fact, not at all.

However, that is another aspect. We regard it as the indifference of people who do not believe that the current leadership of the WFTU can do something good for the development of sailing in the country. And it coincides in General with the indifference of our compatriots, desperate to have something to change, accustomed to fraud and manipulation, afraid to Express their opinion.

Besides a complete stagnation in the number of Federation on the background of significant growth of interest in Parus clearly demonstrates that the leading role of the regulator in our sport is not recognized by most boaters. But because they simply ignore the existence of this organization.

I’m afraid that, if the sailors are not organized to change the situation in your favorite sport, it’s none of them do. No indifferent and unprofessional management of public organizations or public authorities, faced with the deepest crisis of Olympic sports in the country.

I am sad to witness the degradation of the WFTU in the year of the 300th anniversary of the sailing sport in Russia. Peter the Great would not have suffered.

Vasily Senatorov,


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