Our three are not


      Our three are not
      In San Remo, a festive regatta marking the 90th anniversary of the Dragon class has ended. On Friday, we managed to hold two final races – significant progress compared to the only race on Thursday, the distance to which had to be reduced due to lack of wind.

Our three are not

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Today with the wind it was much better – 5 knots tuned to an optimistic mood. And to the delight of Russian fans, RUS27 ANNAPURNA Anatoly Loginov won the first race of the day. At the same time, the top rows of the table acquired the following form:

1. DEN410 OUT OF BOUNCE steering – Jens Christensen – 27 points. 2. RUS35 SUNFLOWER Victor Vogelson – 29. 3. GER16 INGRID Dirk Pramann – 29. 4. GBR770 STORM Jonathan Brown – 35. 5 – 6. GER69 DIRNLDWIND Christoph Wiland and RUS71 MULTIMA Mikhail V. Senatorov – 38 each.

Only two points behind the leader! It seemed that Viktor Fogelson’s Sunflower had excellent chances for final success. But … In the second race of the day, which turned out to be final at this anniversary regatta, the team finished only the 55th. And by the sum of points she took 17th place.

Alas, the top three winners of the Russian regatta were not. The Danes, Dutch and Germans settled there:

1. DEN410 OUT OF BOUNCE Jens Christensen – 36 points. 2. NED412 TROIKA Peter Heerema – 43. 3. GER69 DIRNLDWIND Christoph Wieland – 49.

In fourth place is Eugene Braslavets, who traditionally performed under the Italian flag – at ITA77 BUNKER PRINCE.

. And here are the positions under which the teams under the Russian flag ended up in the first thirty:

6. RUS27 ANNAPURNA Anatoly Loginov – 60 points. … 12. RUS71 MULTIMA Mikhail V. Senatorov – 77. … 17. RUS35 SUNFLOWER Victor Fogelson – 84. 18. RUS76 ROCKNROLLA Dmitry Samokhin – 85. … 21. RUS2 ALISA Alexander Ezhkov – 91. … 24. RUS81 JULI Sergey Borodinov – 98. … 30. RUS34 TO BE CONTINUED Vasily Senators – 125.

Full Results – http://dragon90.com/results/overall/

Well, the holidays in San Remo are coming to an end, but these days, these races and friendly meetings will be remembered by the participants in the celebrations for a long time. Now we will wait for the Regatta of the 100th anniversary, where, we hope, the Russian dragons are more fortunate.

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