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Afterword Elena Tekinay to the RC44 Cascais Cup in 2018, ended in Cascais (Portugal), and the entire season in RC44 class

Sunday, November 18, the final race day of the RC44 Cascais Cup 2018 was not held due to bad weather conditions. Ended the morning night the storm caused a giant 6-foot waves in combination with a complete lack of wind made the sea impossible.

So the standings in the final table remained the same. The defending world champion Russian Team Nika’s Vladimir Prosikhin are unable to win back lost on the eve of a leadership position and finished the regatta in 4th place, and the season – in second place with one point behind the Charisma team, which won the RC44 Championship tour in 2018. Third place in the season in the tie-break with the second – the winner of the last two years the Slovenian Ceeref, Igor La.

Acting under the flag of Monaco Charisma, headed by the helmsman and the owner of the team by the Dutchman Nico Punch and winner of the America’s Cup by new Zealander ray Davies as a tactic for the first years in the classroom has won so high a title. The winner of two stages this year, the championship regatta is very bad — last place, completely lost the first day of racing. Neither the team nor its star tactics did not expect to win the regatta and the season, but a series of three consecutive victories in the final three races, combined with the chronic bad luck of the team of Vladimir Prosikhin in the same three races changed everything.

On Saturday before the last race of the regatta Nika was still ahead of main rival by two points, but further problems with the boat resulted in the loss of leadership. Vladimir was enough to come to one of the lost race 6-m 8-m, and this would ensure him the victory in the season, but, alas, luck was not on his side.

Disappointed in the silver season, Vladimir promised to give rivals next year. “The beauty of class is that no one knows the winner in advance, there is no dominant boats and a very strong fleet. No one could have predicted that “Charisma” to win after their absolutely disastrous start. But managed to pull themselves together, managed faster to catch up with new conditions to a certain drive… the last Two races won and came in first place. Congratulations to my friend Nico to the Punch and wish him continued success, but next time I will try to be ahead! Already a whole new season is painted, all known class a little increase in the number of boats, and of course, thanks to this competition will remain as unpredictable as appealing. A very strong class, very strong Navy, very cool to race in this fleet.”

Extremely pleased with the Nico Punch, hinting at the success of Russian teams in the class, laughingly said: he is happy that he finally managed to beat the Russian who consistently win. “To win the season in this class is a delightful feeling! Along with the series the 52 series, the competition in the RC44 class is the strongest, so I am proud of winning. Racing in the RC44 so heavy, and the level is so high that when you win, it makes you more proud than winning any other class in which I was after.”

According to the tactics of ray Davis, they are very pleased, however, happily for them, everything turned around. “It was a particularly nice win because the conditions were so severe. We played very well on Saturday. We are very very lucky at the same time with strong bad luck some other teams. Our opponents, especially Nika, competed incredibly well, they were inspired, but they really were very unlucky yesterday. Ceeref and also very well and consistently raced in the season. We are very happy to win, very hard was the struggle. After the failure of the first day I was ready to quit sailing and to look for another job, but Nico said that we won’t give up, and then we spent two wonderful days. So I think I’ll stay while in the sail,” joked ray after the ceremony.

Representing the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg team Bronenosec Sailing with Kirill Frolov on the steering wheel and Cameron This as a tactic missed the first two regattas of the season, so, despite the bronze of the world championship for prizes of the season, fought and finished the regatta season on a strong 6th place. Kirill noted that the regatta was very interesting with very different conditions, and especially highlighted the work of his team, which mostly consists of Russian athletes, and work tactics.

“It was important for us to do with Vladimir (by Lubomirova) is not a professional team and a professional team. For me this is a fundamental difference that still had team spirit, and Cameron is just perfect team member. He has coaching ambitions, he likes and knows how to teach, plus it tactics. We got two in one, although, of course, there are the cries and screams on the boat, we are not always calm, like all people, but there is also a desire to make a unified whole inside of the boat.”

According to Cameron, it’s been a strange season for the team for missing two regattas, but the result pleases him. “When we started chase on stage in Marstrand, we were rusty, he studied again to chase, however, had a very good regatta, took 5-th place. And, of course, the main achievement – 3rd place at the world Championships in September, we were very happy, perfectly acted against other more experienced teams. This regatta could do better, we are athletes, we love to compete and win. This is a fantastic team, from the moment when we began to compete in the new structure, there was a big improvement. Guys can now compete with the top athletes – and all for just a season and a half. I am very pleased with the result and will be happy to continue to work with the team.”

The next season of RC44 Championship tour kicks off in early April in Montenegro.

The full results, see here:

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