Pozaviduem those in Sochi!

The last few days you bezvylazno sit at home? In this case, just have to envy those young athletes that take part in the training camp, which takes place in Sochi.

As reported by RUS Youth Sailing Team, in Sochi on the territory of sport centre “South sport” are engaged in athletes in classes 470, “Nakra 15”, “49”, “Laser-standard” and “Laser-radial”, as well as RS:X and Techno 7.8.

Says a senior trainer collection Vitaly Sheludyakov:

“After output began the second microcycle, which will last 4 days. Came the North-West wind, and the forecast it will blow the rest of our training events. Every working day in athletes is very saturated – it starts from the stadium, day out in the sea, and the evening ends with a gym. Last night the boys ran cross within a half hour, and then they had stretching.
On the water training classes, each group has its own distance set by the trainer class. At the moment workout on the water is not very long – about 1.5-2.5 hours. But promise that every day the weather will become warmer and this will allow us to increase the load in training.

The guys are all healthy, in good spirits, with great motivation and anticipation of the sports season,” shared coach.

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