“Unfortunately, we arrived late”

At the end of June in the French Crozon completed another championship in the class “Optimist”. Unfortunately, our athletes did not show its maximum: the best of the Russians became a wildcard Darya Savinova from Vyborg, the only qualified to the gold fleet and who eventually became the 58th.

The reasons for this performance we learned from coach Denis Razumovich:

“Unfortunately, the regatta was not as successful as we would have liked. Serious concerns evoked currents because of the strong tides, our guys are not used to racing in such conditions. In the end, with the currents we more or less figured out, but it was not enough. In Crozon blew very zahoditi the wind, it is not always our athletes were guessing the best way because there weren’t any obvious signs of a change of direction.

Pleased with our girls: Darya Savinova and Arina Bratusenko generally first appeared in the European competitions, and she also showed the highest result and the only Russian to qualify in the gold fleet. After qualifying in 20th place, she was followed by psychological decline, plus the impact of the lack of international experience, in the end, Dasha finished in 58th place.

All athletes summed up the lack of stability, outright failures alternated with normal races. Especially disappointed by the end of the training, first of all 4-5 of the race, almost all of our athletes as they failed in the gold fleet eventually made it one of the Dasha.

Background in order to show a better result, but must learn to operate in a particular area. Unfortunately, we arrived late on the day of registration, and not time to spend a full collection in anticipation of the regatta.

We will optimize calendar and training program, start getting ready earlier.”

Evgeny Kitaev,

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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