Two50 – the Devil is in the details

British designer Alexander McDiarmid, known for his eccentric projects, represents a new idea of 76-metre tall “demon” yacht Two50.

McDiarmid himself has described the ship “The Devil’s In The Details” – “the Devil is in the details.” Really, just look at this predatory, casting a red silhouette, which is cut like a black, irregular in shape lines of the Windows.

The designer said that his goal was to create a very modern, avant-garde artist looking yacht with elegant exterior lines, with preservation of good visual proportions and interior volume. At least with the task McDiarmid did.

According to the specs the maximum length of the Two50 is 76 meters, width 14.5 meters. Max – 14, the crew – 17. On Board is a helipad and a garage under the 10-metre tender.

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