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Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg is launching a pilot season of a large-scale volunteer programs Sailing Events’ Volunteers 2019

Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg is launching a pilot season of a large-scale volunteer programs Sailing Events’ Volunteers 2019

Volunteers have always participated in the activities of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg. Volunteers played an important role during the competitions of the Academy of sailing, actively participated in the activities of the historic shipbuilding Shipyard “Poltava”. And the most representative international regatta held by the yacht club, such as the Extreme Sailing Series, the Nord Stream Race, World Match Racing Tour and Sailing Champion League has always attracted the participation of volunteers.

“For anybody not a secret that the involvement of volunteers for the event organizer requires a cost – people need to equip, to instruct, to provide them with working conditions, – tells the head of the project Spbac Elena Solovieva. – However, the participation of volunteers is of great strategic importance – volunteers create an atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness, they help to transmit the values and meanings for which is event – regatta, race, festival. Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg for decades is working to save and the best traditions of sailing, spreading the ideas of a healthy lifestyle, values of high achievements, and forms the image of Russia and St. Petersburg as the leaders in the modern technological world”.

In the fall of 2018, the head of group projects Spbec Elena Solovieva proposed to systematize the experiences and to create a system for attracting, training, and effective inclusion of volunteers in the project team. As a testing ground for developing the volunteer program in 2019 was selected four large sailing project Yacht club is the: largest offshore regatta in the Baltic Nord Stream Race, the main competition of European club teams Sailing Champion League, the St. Petersburg stage of the race National sailing League and the world Junior championship in the Olympic class RS:X.

All four regattas planned to recruit, train and involve in the solution of organizational problems of these four regattas around 100 volunteers.

Volunteers will perform tasks in teams of technical support and service hospitality. A separate category of volunteers will be “liaison officers” – the team Liaison officers. This kind of institutional support developed in the framework of the regattas of educational sailing ships (The Tall Ships’ Races, the Cutty Sark, Operation Sail). Liaison Officer is a volunteer who imparted one of the team member. It helps the guests feel in a strange city home, as well as the relationship between the participants of the regatta and org.Committee.

Volunteer program 2019 starts in February in the youth sailing teams and the city’s Universities will be posted an invitation to the team. In March there will be two presentation installation meeting. For them, the candidates volunteers learn more about the regattas, organizers and what bonuses await them at the end of the season. In April and may, the program participants will find training in a special program, including sailing practice. In the summer months, volunteers successfully completing training, will be in the heart of the most vibrant sailing events in Saint Petersburg. In September it is planned to summarize. The results of this season will be to formulate a methodology and a program to attract volunteers for the next three years.

Actual information about the project is published in “Vkontakte”

We invite everyone to become volunteers at the briefing meeting 2 and March 23, 2019, beginning at 14.00!

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