In two races

As the press service of the company “Vneshtradeservice LTD” from 14 to 20 July in “of sshor of Khlebnikovo Moscow sports Committee with the support of hosted the XXIII Moscow Traditional sailing regatta in classes “Optimist”, “Cadet”, “snipe”, “Finn”, “Zoom 8”, “Laser 4.7”, “Luch-mini”.

The competition was attended by about 165 people from several regions of Russia – Moscow, Moscow oblast, Yaroslavl and Sochi.

The regatta took place in two races on the waters of the Klyazma reservoir in the district of Ostashkov reach – distance “Bravo” and Pirogov reach – distance “alpha”.

Distance “Bravo ” was provided for the yacht classes “Finn”, “snipe”, “the Beam-mini”, “Laser 4.7”, distance “alpha” for the classes “Optimist”, “Cadet”, “Zoom 8”.

Weather conditions at the time of the event left much to be desired. Light wind of 3 m/s, thunderstorms and cool for mid-summer, the weather did not give our members to fully develop their skills. However, the organizers managed to conduct a sufficient number of races – XXIII Traditional sailing regatta was held.

After counting the results and analysis of all of the protests among the winners were:

Snipe – Lisacheva Victoria, Lisacheva Dina (“of sshor of Khlebnikovo Moscomsport);

“Finn” – Kolechenko Cyril (“of sshor of Khlebnikovo Moscomsport);

“Laser 4.7” – Zubrikov Arseny (“of sshor of (water sports) V MO the Russian Federation “CSKA”);

“The beam-mini” drones Dmitry (“FSO “Youth of Moscow” of Moscow sport Committee);

“Cadet” – Knyazev Vladislav Soldatov Prokhorov (“of sshor of Khlebnikovo Moscomsport);

“Zoom 8” – Xenia Ohio (“of sshor of Khlebnikovo Moscomsport);

“Optimist” – Ekaterina Elistratova (“of sshor of (water sports) V MO the Russian Federation “CSKA”).

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