Top 10 most popular names for boats in the USA

American Association of boaters (BoatUS) annually publishes a very curious top list of the most common names that give the boats their owners. It’s amazing how completely different people – adherents of a sail, or solely by motor, lovers of modesty and luxury, the owners of sports boats or ocean-going superyacht experience the same feelings towards Maura and to his boat. This gives birth to such records.

According to BoatUS for the second consecutive year in the U.S. the most popular name for a boat is “Serenity” (Tranquility, Serenity, ed.). The same name is assigned to each tenth American boat – private, official or special purpose – since 1992. “Serenity, tranquility, not burdened with cares – that is a water way of life for most boat owners,” – concludes the representative of the BoatUS Scott Croft.

Top 10 most popular names for boats in USA 2015

1. Serenity

2. Seas The Day

3. Andiamo


4. Aquaholic

5. Second Wind

6. Island Time

7. Happy Ours

8. Journey

9. Serendipity

10. Relentless

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