Interview with Roberto Corno, sales Director for Benetti Yachts

Project Oasis 135, as stated by Benetti, will enable the shipyard to respond to the new trend of yacht market. What is the trend?

From the first sketches made for the project Oasis 135, we had the idea to create something informal and… highbrow. New boat looks very elegant and refined, but it is technically very difficult. She has a very unusual approach to aesthetics and functionality on Board: the main role is played by direct contact with the sea.

Project Oasis 135 addressed to a wide circle of future customers: we are focused not on the age of the people, and in their preference for the unconventional approach.

That’s why we worked a lot on flexibility of planning: space on Board is easy to rearrange and customize for the particular desires of the customer. No matter young is the owner, require large space for entertaining guests, or more Mature, someone on Board needs a lot of space for the whole family.

At the same time, Oasis 135 is designed very futuristic: this applies both to layout and style. We sought to provide the yacht owner and his guests in constant contact with the environment. Friends, kids, grandkids… — the yacht should be comfortable for everyone, regardless of age.

Project Oasis 135 was first presented at the Singapore Yacht Show 2018. Does this mean that it focuses mainly on the Asian market?

No, just a boat show in Singapore was the nearest at the time of the yacht show. Oasis 135 was not created under a specific audience in a geographical sense. We wanted to offer something unique and new, unlike anything else already existing on the market. And he did it in order to meet the ever changing and growing demands of customers.

In Italy a lot of the design Bureau with extensive experience creating superyachts. Why Benetti engaged on this project by British Studio Redman Whiteley Dixon?

We have a very good relationship with RWD, because in the past we have very successfully worked together on many projects. They are, for example, has developed three different configurations of the interior (air, land and sea) for model 125 Fast. We also collaborate on projects BNow. This new family displacement yacht (steel hull, aluminum superstructure. — Approx. MBY), consisting of four models length 48, 55, 63 and 68 meters. A distinctive feature of the series is the possibility of accelerated construction. Finally, it seems to us that though they are not Italians, but have a very Italian taste. Specialists Redman Whiteley Dixon is very creative, they are full of fresh ideas.

What is behind the choice of the new York Bureau of Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture as interior designers?

From the very beginning of cooperation, we have formed a strong bond. Project Oasis 135 was born after a conversation between designers and Giovanna Vitelli — Vice President of the Azimut/Benetti Group. Then the shipyard Benetti was in search of something new in the yachting industry: we searched the style is informal and casual, but at the same time with a strong vision, with the inner core. I think there’s Bonetti/Kozerski handled perfectly, aligning them initially set objectives with the legacy of the Benetti and their own unique style. Yes, Bonetti/Kozerski — a new name in yachting, but there’s a plus. The Studio worked on projects of residences, applying it is the European vision of design, (Enrico Bonetti — Italian, Dominic Kozerski from the UK). The experience gained in combination with the chosen aesthetic of understated luxury made to find the most unconventional and clever approach, which was looking for Benetti. That is, this choice does not mean that the yacht was built for an American client, as many thought.

Designed for Oasis 135 new technical solutions?

Oasis 135 all brand new! It is, in principle, a new concept of yachts. You should go to the Board and you will immediately feel the special atmosphere of the sea. In a sense, Oasis 135 similar to a large floating loft. Normally yachts with a length of 50-60 m “beach club” is located on the lower deck, and from home you on any of these yachts do not feel a real connection with water.

  • Oasis 135 is aimed at people who appreciate the unconventional approach to space planning

What we did on Oasis 135 is one of the main advantages of the project is planned duplex “beach zone”, connecting it to the main deck: now there is also direct access to the water. We also made folding walls to expand the space aft to create a huge terrace at sea level.

The idea was to recreate that same feeling, which arises in a seaside Villa with pool just a few steps and you can jump into the water. Usually the main deck is the main area. On Oasis 135 instead, we transformed it into a more casual space: all interior glazing is fully opened.

Another amazing feature is the huge master cabin: imagine yourself on a yacht with a length of 41 meters its area is 47 square meters! Here is the office, lounge area, bedroom, two separate bathrooms and dressing rooms. It really is a master apartment, and by the way, optionally, there may be little private balcony.

Very interestingly shaped upper saloon: there are no external staircases — there are no external connections to other decks. We specifically made the access to it only from the inside to separate the private, more formal, areas from those meant for General use and entertainment. Located in the same control — it is generally something totally new in the yachting industry. It is integrated into the leisure area with glazed full-height space on the perimeter. You have panoramic views, and the control console, located on either side of the captain’s chair, can feel in the full sense of the character in Star Trek!

Grow this project in class Oasis? When will we see the next model of this type?

At the moment there is only Oasis 135. We are considering the creation of a model of Oasis smaller, but still all at the level of ideas.

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