Grandpa and his team


      Grandpa and his team

Igor Rytov and his Russian Bogatyrs did not succeed in winning the fourth stage of the European Division of the Melges 20 World League, which today – on Sunday, July 14 – ended in Riva del Garda (Italy).

Grandpa and his team

Recall that the first day of the regatta “The Bogatyrs” ended at the 10th place, which was unusual for them, and the second day – at the 5th, and at that moment their gap from the leader, Italian Siderval (skipper Marco Giannini) was 26 points! Was it possible to hope to catch up with the Italians?

In the end – not caught up. But after 8 races, only 5 points behind! The winners – Siderval – 30 points, the second winner – "Heroes" – 35.

Nevertheless, in the picture, as you can see, Igor Rytov is poured over victorious champagne. Why? Because the regatta on Lake Garda was the final stage of the European Division of the Melges 20 World League this season, and Rytov together with his team became its winner!

With what we congratulate him. And with the fact that these days he became a grandfather! Here are how many events at once!

Full results of the fourth stage –

68 today # 9250

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