To Europe For Champions League

August 16, 2019

      To Europe For Champions League

Russian teams started in the final of the European Sailing Champions League (SCL) in Switzerland.

To Europe For Champions League

On August 15, the finals of the European Sailing Champions League kicked off in the Swiss resort of St. Moritz. Russia in the competition is represented by three teams.

Among the participants are winners of previous seasons from Bari (Italy), Geneva (Switzerland), twice winners of the St. Petersburg North German Racing Union League qualification in St. Petersburg, and participants of the Nord Stream Race 2019 are the Royal Yacht Clubs of Sweden and Denmark.

Russia is represented by three crews. This is the team of the Moscow PIRogovo club, led by the prize-winner of the League 2017 Vladimir Lipavsky, the winners of the Nord Stream Race 2019 Leviathan and the young crew of the Academy of Sailing, performing for the first time without a mentor Anna Basalkina.

On the first day of the competition, we managed to hold as many as four flights. For the Russians, the day was not the best. So far, the best result among Pirogovites is 12th; “Academics” are the 18th and “Leviathan” is the penultimate, 23rd position.

The leader of the standings so far has become a club from Potsdam. Second and third place in the current final for the Danes, the winner of the national league by the Royal Yacht Club and the club Kaløvig Bådelaug, who was second in Denmark in 2018.

The final of the European Sailing Champions League will last until August 18 inclusive.

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