There is no snow, but you hold on!


      There is no snow, but you hold on!
      Abnormally warm weather in central Russia and throughout Europe has led to the fact that almost all winter sailing competitions are either canceled or postponed to February-March, in the hope of long-awaited cold weather.

There is no snow, but you hold on!

So, today information was received from the organizers of the World Cup in Estonia about the search for a new venue for the competition: “Today it is clear that the Pärnu Bay will not be covered with thick ice in three weeks. Therefore, we are forced to look for alternative sites in Estonia or in the north of Finland, the website says – Nevertheless, we are not talking about the abolition of the world championship (dates of February 10-16), the organizers allow only a change of location. If winter does not come to us, then we will come to winter, ”the organizing committee of WISSA-2020 optimistically assures.

The Cup of Russia, which was supposed to start this week in Konakovo, was also transferred to March. It is a big question to hold competitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kostroma, which were scheduled for early February.

The organizers of the first stage of SnowKite WorldCup IKA in Italy announced a cancellation of the competition a little earlier due to lack of snow. It is expected that the second, third and fourth stages will pass unchanged. At least the organizers of the final, fourth stage in Togliatti guarantee with a probability of 99.99% the presence of wind, ice and snow on the Zhiguli Sea on the dates of the World Cup from February 26 to March 1, 2020.

No less optimistic about the forecast of ice conditions in Petrozavodsk. The organizers of the Trans-Onego international long-distance winter kite marathon (March 3-8) declare: “TOKE-2020 – it is planned under any circumstances. Karelia is a country of a thousand lakes. Most of them are already covered in ice. The meeting festival of snowkite-enduro friends should take place! The format, if necessary, will be adjusted taking into account the actual conditions and requirements of the official authorities. We act in the spirit of enduro – if difficulties arise, we still continue to walk the distance, but do not forget about caution. Take care of yourself!"

In the meantime, kiters and boerists have to wait for the arrival of a real winter or go to training in regions with a colder climate. So, for example, in Monchegorsk (Murmansk region) on the lake. On February 1-2, the Imandra will host the Federation Cup regional sailing competitions. Yes, and in Murmansk, riders are waiting for the Championship of Russia and the 86th traditional Holiday of the North (they will be held from March 24 to March 30).

So, beyond the snow and wind north? With this winter, this seems to be the only way out!

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