Tie legs with a knot – and…

This instructive story now tell and show in different countries on different continents. The gist of it is that sailor overboard, were saved thanks to their own jeans!

It all happened a week ago in New Zealand. If it is absolutely exact – in the Bay of Tolaga Bay, where he decided to sail, rent a 12-foot yacht, two German tourist – a 30-year-old Arne Murka and his older brother.

Weather, in fact, is not very conducive to sailing. The swell increased with every minute. One wrong move, hitting the geek and Arne overboard. Catch life jacket, abandoned his brother, he couldn’t. And soon the boat had disappeared altogether from sight.

Arne helped his own jeans. At the time, he was seen on u-tube life hack: you need to knot the ends of the legs, and then a sharp movement to fill a makeshift life jacket air.

Due to this, Arne was able to remain on the surface for three and a half hours until he was found by rescuers.

And here is the life hack that saved Arne Murka life.

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