Floating city will accommodate 7,000 residents and will not ask any money for it

City of Mériens – a giant floating city designed by a French team of architects headed by Jacques Rougerie (Jacques Rougerie) for scientific research in the ocean. Futuristic vessel with a length of 900 meters and a width of 500 metres and is designed for 7 000 scientists and students from around the world. The city will offer them the laboratory, classrooms, lecture halls, living quarters, and various areas for recreation and sports in his spare time.

The unusual shape of the hull City of Mériens repeats the body of ray that gives the best stability, stability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. The visible part of the city stands over water to a height of 60 meters, while the lower part goes under water to a depth of 120 meters.

In the centre of town is a large lagoon, where you will be able to dock research vessels. It leads to a canal which will place the farm for reproduction of aquaculture – for example, scientists can grow and study various marine life forms. Raised the tips of the “wings” of the ship is a hydroponic greenhouse for growing fruits and vegetables to supply city residents.

“People from all over the world could come to this city, which was ruled by the standards of the United Nations. It is intended for scientists, students, academicians who want to explore the ocean, says Jacques Rougerie. – This project has radically changed the world of underwater exploration, as they will be in constant contact with the ocean and direct access to the underwater world, since the lower part of the city is underwater”.

The developers see the city is completely Autonomous, able to meet the demand for electricity due to the special installations, the force of the underwater currents and wave energy.

Today, the City of Mériens is in the design stage, but Jacques Rougerie hopes that the city will be built by 2050. It might seem ambitious and even questionable, but the previous futuristic architect floating lab SeaOrbiter is already under construction. In 2016 will be completed the first 12 floors of laboratories, six of which will be located below sea level, and according to Tech Insider will cost 50 million US dollars.

The official website of the Jacques Rougerie: www.rougerie.com

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