As an inexpensive boat to turn in a handsome matched Chris-Pocket

How much to collect stylish multi-function boat in Russia

When it comes to talking about the yacht, just imagine the picture of the “expensive, rich and only for the elite”. Of course, the boat is a luxury, expensive to maintain, treat and requires constant investment. However, for a quite reasonable amount, you can collect a stylish, multi-functional boat.

If you just don’t decide on a Riva or a Chris Craft, you can take the more economical option and good to its completion.

In our case, the choice fell on the Monterey 224 FSC. New boat is about 6 million rubles, but you can find good copy on the secondary market. Our new friend 2012 issue (in use from 2014) with a mileage of 74 motochika and in perfect condition cost us 2.2 million. Initially, he was worth 3.4 million, but in August, thoroughly bargain, you can get a good discount.

The size of the boat

This kid in the first place is good because the size allows to tow it with most modern cars SUV category without spetsupravlenie and permissions. It is better to obtain driving license of category E, therefore removing the limit on the road train weight of 3.5 tonnes, which is set for category B.

The ability to self-tow means, for example, on the route MoscowSaint-Petersburg you don’t have to spend seven days on the water with sluices, which plunged into depression, even the seasoned traveler, or to fork out for the cost of a stage with the captain.

Instead, starting in the morning from the yacht club, you will “liparites” after eight hours on Krestovsky island, cold and sparkling, with views of the bridges is provided to you the same day with minimal costs.

And all the roads are available, including narrow channels and low bridges, it is better to take the boat without the hardtop (radar scope).

Despite its modest size Monterey 224, six adults, including the captain, plus two or three children will feel on Board the boat quite comfortable. Its layout with a rounded back sofa gives the opportunity to collect all those present at the table and also provides additional safety for little curious passengers.

It would seem that we are talking about a small boat, but if desired it can be equipped with all the privileges of a full boat. If you live in Miami, where 360 days in a year Shine the sun, of course, feel free to take bowrider. And for our latitude is small, but the closed cabin – the choice is more than justified.

Pumping habitability

When it is determined with the model, there is a desire to finalize a new friend all possible options.

For a start there you can put in a toilet. Yes, this is not a complete easy drain stationary cabin, but only bimales, clear risers, if you raise two Central cushions. Space design is that odors do not spread, and even a small child, locked alone in the cockpit will cope with all the manipulation. Adults, if impatient, too, of course, right. Indoor cushions toilet absolutely not visible from the cabin turns into a place for children, adults, and with a strong desire – in a double nest for the night.

The boat does not have fridge, but a regular car-size 34 liters calmly stands in a Central locker under the pillow and leaves room for storage of utensils and non-perishable products.

For those who like to cook and eat in the left locker is placed compact and versatile gas grill Weber Q 1200.

You can cook putting the unit on the rear platform either by placing it on the front deck behind the glass. Delicious meat and fish steaks without leaving the Bay provided for you. In winter, it as well hosts the kitchen, ensuring in anticipation of the season of delicious dinners.

If the soul requires not only emotions of speed, relaxation and sunbathing, but also the simple aesthetic pleasure, hence, no tick you can not do. It is really not a cheap pleasure, not having functional benefits and, moreover, give rise to additional troubles associated with cleaning. But it’s nice to walk on warm wood and contemplate finishing maximally conceal the usual plastic!

Maybe Monterey and not turn into the legendary Chris-Craft, but in company with him or Riva will look decent with twice the LOWER price.

The art lovers can also change the table on a wooden, larger in size, with the holders for glasses and bottles.

Monterey 224 is equipped with bimini top, side awning and full awning chassis. From wind and rain, he will save you, but purely for aesthetic pleasure does not deliver. A large, square, awkward, little Windows, it makes the swift boat in a shapeless ship. Fortunately, the vastness of our country will always be the masters of their craft. For Monterey 224 us made to order just low (1.85 m), with maximum glazing, ideal size tailored awning, which continues the sleek lines of the boat and pleasing to the eye.

For warmth, of course, had to upgrade the cooling system of the engine, setting the heater Volvo Penta.

As a result of webasto heating and heat from the engine when mooring for the night was already covered by the first crust of ice, the boat can still be cut in the t-shirt.

There is a charm to walk on water in the fall, when meet only the occasional fisherman lonely barges, ducks relax and not be the last to take off on reaching the boat, and the water is cold it becomes viscous, like oil.

Upgrading suspension

Initially Monterey 224 FSC was equipped with an engine Volvo Penta V8 5.0 GXI, 270 HP with single-circuit cooling system and sterndrive SX. But you always want to achieve perfection. And to achieve better handling, maneuverability and lower fuel consumption we decided to install a boat column of the revolutionary Volvo Penta Forward Drive, first introduced in 2015.

It is always easier to pull than to push — it is in this feature of its work. FWD Volvo is not pushing the boat through the water flows, it pulls. The force of the screw rests on the calm water, which adds even more traction. Due to this, the advantages achieved greater speed, dynamics, agility and efficiency.

On twin screw lookahead column by testing we picked up the bolts K7. K5 and K6 also showed good results, but given the strong reduction of the maximum speed in favor of quick access to the ride. With screws K7 maximum speed has not changed and, according to measurements, was 84 km/h for speakers SX and 86 km/h for a Volvo FWD 82.

The result of many hours of measurements using the apparatus and data reading by the computer of the engine control unit we have established the reduction of fuel consumption in all operating ranges of the engine up to 20%.

The boat became faster to get on plane (with column SX 3400 rpm, Volvo FWD — at 3100 rpm). The number of revolutions of the engine necessary for the planing and set cruise speed (45 km/h), also declined from 3200 2700-2900 rpm in the first case and up to 3000-3200 3500-3700 revs in the second case. If speakers SX exhaust takes place partly in water and partly in air, the lookouts Volvo FWD reset all exclusively in the water. And thanks to the complete absence of cavitation (the screws work in calm water) and uneven loads on the blades reduced the noise and vibration. The boat has acquired unprecedented ease and informative when berthing and manoeuvring in confined spaces.

now our obedient Monterey responds to the slightest movement of the steering wheel, lays the turns at high speed like sportbike and easily takes the top into place.

Of course, the fly in the ointment with such impressive results are not enough. And the fact that the forward screws have a higher risk of collision with heavy objects in the water, requires more care and high care. But it’s like on a sports car: the higher the haste, the capricious to a cloth car. Just be careful. The second factor may disappoint holidaymakers, by which sweeps frisky Monterey, lifting a large, beautiful wave. Volvo Penta Forward Drive is intended for lovers of water sports and water attractions. Veykbording, wakerling, bananas, cheesecake, and many other water activities will be an integral part of summer vacation and will give a new one. For more information about the column can be read here.

Little boat particularly sensitive to the correct placement of passengers and cargo on Board. This problem is easy to solve the system of spoilers Volvo Penta Boat Trim System (BTS), which allows you to control the pitch and roll angles of the boat on the move, that is, performs functions well known to shipowners trim tabs. But unlike the latter, the spoilers are easy to install and, most importantly, a power outage on the ship work items of the spoiler automatically retracts into the housing. For example, it eliminates the possibility of separation of the protruding portions when moored. In addition, it creates less resistance to boats at high speeds, and therefore, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption and increase the speed of the vessel.

By the time when the desire will coincide with the possibilities and you will Mature to full-fledged yachts, with a boat to leave is not required. An advanced little one can take the place of a stylish tender.

Either stay a pleasure option in Russia, while the main yacht, replacing a summer house, stand somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. For example, a 40-foot Greenline Hybrid does not violate nature sounds the rumbling of the engine during Parking. But that’s another story.

And yet — waiting for spring to small Monterey 224 FSC to bring their ideas to the end.

The cost of a nice “bonus”

Column Volvo Penta Forward Drive: up to 900 000 rubles

Spoilers: up to 100 000 rubles

Heater: up to 150 000 rubles

Webasto air top 2000: 70 000 rubles

Toilets: 12 000-15 000

Grill Weber Q 1200: 27 000 rubles

Teak: 350 000-500 000 rubles

Fridge 34 liter: 15 000-30 000

The chassis tent: 120 000-150 000

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