“This experience will help in the future!”


      “This experience will help in the future!”
      The senior coach of the youth national team of Russia, Anastasia Chernova, summed up for the page of the Youth Youth Sailing Team the results of the main event in the youth team calendar – the World Sailing World Championship.

“This experience will help in the future!”

World Sailing World Championship is a special competition in the calendar of young athletes, because it takes place according to the format of the Olympic Games. From the country in each class can be represented only one participant. In addition, in all classes except RS: X, the material part was provided by the organizers to equalize the chances of all participants to win. This year we have gathered one of the youngest teams and absolutely all Russian athletes participated in this competition for the first time, which is why it was especially exciting for them, and for some it was the first international competition in their sports career! Our team was represented by almost all classes. There was not only RS: X-boys for well-known tragic reasons.

In Polish Gdynia, the competition was held in very difficult conditions. The wind situation in this water area demanded that the athletes increased concentration with constant changes in the wind, there was not a single race like that, each presented its own surprise with the wind. Long expectations of the wind, a difficult schedule of races due to the fact that in classes 420 and the "29th" fleet of young men and women chased in turns, using one boat to the country and came to the bank to change. It was also at a distance of RS: X and Nakra 15, where the fleet was chased in turns and the schedule changed daily. Athletes and coaches spent a whole day at the yacht club, and on the same day, at a distance of 29, coaches spent over 9 hours on the water. So the competition was a breeze!

Of course, our main expectations were associated with Yana Reznikova – the bronze medalist of the Youth Olympic Games 2018 in Techno Plus. But at the same time, we understood that for Yana this is the first competition in the Olympic class RS: X! Moreover, she is one of the youngest participants in the fleet and therefore she will not be easy. Yana went through all the competition very well – in weather, which is not particularly comfortable for her, she showed the highest possible result. She has a few first parishes, and the rest are in the top three. On the last day of the race, it was decided which medal Jana would receive. The athlete confidently went through all three races, rising from third to second place, and won a well-deserved silver medal!

In the “Laser Radial” class, the line-up was very interesting – among young men, experienced Sergey Doroshenko, who has been racing among athletes under the age of 19 for the last year, and the girls from the girls were represented at the last moment (due to a forced replacement in the team), Alexander Lukoyanova . She was the youngest participant in the world championship – she is only 14 years old. This year, Alexandra drove well at the European Championship in the class "Laser 4.7" and among athletes under 19 years old on the Radial, although she could still race on the Optimist. This regatta for its age and experience was at a very good level. She showed a stable result in different weather conditions, taking the final 14th place out of 47 participants. Sergey, on the contrary, started the regatta with a completely optional “black flag” and performed extremely unstable. He had several good parishes, but more often he was in 20, and sometimes in 30. We expected a much higher result from him, because on the eve of the European Championship he was 10th. They really hoped that in the World Championships they would compete in the top ten, but this did not happen. As a result – 21 place.

The most experienced crews in our team at the world championship were the 29th class crews. They have a lot of performances at international competitions. However, the crew of Ilya Chuprina / Rodion Brovin did not have enough stability in the races. It is good that they were able to gather at the end of the regatta. In their weather, the guys came in the top ten, which made it possible to rise to 13th place. But, we must also work on our physical fitness, add to the strong wind in order to perform consistently throughout the entire competition! Girls Victoria Liksanova and Polina Pereshyvkina performed more or less evenly, but there were mistakes in the races. On the last day they could rise to 8th place, but their rivals were ahead of them, and as a result, the girls became 10th.

In class 420 and Nakra 15, all Russian crews participated in an international competition for the first time! For them, probably, it was the most difficult. On the one hand, they did not expect high results from them. On the other hand, I think the guys themselves set themselves high bar, so they were strongly motivated. True, the reality was more difficult! In some races they managed to fight in the middle of the fleet – closer to the top ten, and sometimes they came in the top 10. I think this is not bad! But, of course, there is a lack of experience in an even, strong fleet, when all the rivals are not weaker than you. This was particularly evident at the start and the first tack.

In general, we took the 14th place among 66 countries! The result is the same as last year, given the fact that in 2018 there were two bronze medals, and the team was more experienced. Therefore, for newcomers to the World Sailing World Championship, the result is not bad! I am glad that half of this team will have the opportunity to race in this competition next year, and this experience will definitely help them in the future. And I hope that all our athletes got enough motivation to work even more and move forward to future victories!

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