Sail back to Seliger

Launched the first international sailing festival “Sails of Russia to Seliger – 2019”

Ethe revival of traditions! Who does not remember the countless “sailing coast” festivals and gatherings, which were held in the days not so long ago? But, with rare exceptions, not the last 20 years.

Was this “sailing coast” on lake Seliger. And here again the tourists-sailing and joined them sailors gathered on the shores of Ostashkovsky stretch of river. Yachts, boats, inflatable catamarans – all are welcome here.

The amazing thing is that the festival was organized not from the top, and enthusiasts, lovers in Seliger area and, of course, sails. A rich program, including racing, camping, concerts, and just friendly gatherings – all is a merit of Igor Carolina and his comrades. And the festival is proof that there are no barriers that can not take and not take.

The festival will run through July 26. Everyone is invited! You can still catch.

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