There is a chance to win a license!


      There is a chance to win a license!
      In Sakaiminato (Japan), the World Laser Radial Championship is coming to an end. Tomorrow evening the solemn ceremony of closing the regatta will take place.

There is a chance to win a license!

But this, we repeat, will happen tomorrow, and today two regular final races were held. And the leader has changed again. Edge Güzel from Turkey (who now has 59 points) was beaten by the 2015 world champion and the bronze medalist of the Games in Rio Anne-Marie Rindon from Denmark (57 points).

In general, the closer the finish, the stronger the intensity of the struggle. In certain hands, even Yosefin Olsson from Sweden can claim the title, which was the first for a long time, but now occupies only the 8th place!

Catherine Zyuzina, alas, does not claim high places (now she is at the 44th position in the table), but she has a chance, and a real one, to win the Olympic license! But you need to give everything to the fullest: other contenders for Olympic trips are very close!

Veleriya Lomatchenko, as you remember, is now serving in the Silver Fleet. After two races on Tuesday, she is in 89th place.

P.S. Readers ask us to mention the speech of Elena Vorobyova, who, as you know, now represents the Croatian national team. So, Helen is the 12th. Moreover, her Olympic license is essentially guaranteed.

Results after nine championship races –

172 Yesterday # 9296

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