Ally is losing her race

March 13, 2019

      Ally is losing her race
      Englishman Alex Ellie, who intended to set a new world record for circumnavigating solo and non-stop for yachts 40 feet or less in length, said he was forced to go the distance.

Ally is losing her race

Recall that Ellie set off on December 31 last year on the Pixel Flyer yacht (class 40). His goal was to improve the achievement, since 2013, owned by the Chinese Guo Chuan – 137 days, 20 hours, 1 minute and 57 seconds.

A few days ago, Ellie proudly reported in his blog that he had already covered 13,500 nautical miles (more than half the world’s distance) and that he was now the second yachtsman in the world after Guo Chuan, who managed to travel this route alone on a class 40 yacht. non-stop.

Alas, the tone of Ellie’s new entry in his blog, which appeared yesterday, was completely different from the previous one. The Englishman stated that he was forced to leave the race because of problems with the grotto, which he simply cannot solve alone, although he tried many options.

The only way out is to correct the defect by going to one of the Australian ports (most likely to Adelaide). But it will mean that in an attempt to set a world record a cross is put.

In his post, Ellie apologized to all those who helped him in organizing the trip. As you know, the Englishman raised funds for preparing Pixel Flyer for the Around the World for several years with the help of crowdfunding. Everyone could purchase advertising space on the hull of his yacht at a price of 25 pounds per square 5×5 cm.

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