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“Spring sails Taganrog”: the athletes of the Academy sailing three silver and one bronze

In Taganrog, on may 5 ended the regatta “Spring sails of Taganrog”. For athletes Academy she wore in the first place training trainers it is important to check their wards in combat, and validation succeeded.

In the class “Laser radial” Christina Freigang was second among the girls, and Matthew Lobanov – third among boys, and in the class “Laser 4.7” recent debutants Maxim Shaposhnikov and Sophia dastaan won the silver in their classes. We asked them to sum up the results of the regatta.

Andrei Startsev, coach of the Academy in the class of the Laser: “We were able to accomplish everything I had planned, about 40 hours on the water during the collection. Guys especially chase not know how many mistakes were at the start and during the race, we corrected them in the process. Regatta wore first training session, glad to have fulfilled its tasks 100 percent.”

Christina Freigang, silver prize-winner of the regatta in the Laser Radial class: “the Competition took place in a variety of wind conditions on the first day of the barrel slightly, in the second and third wind reached 10-12 meters, yesterday (may 4) was average and today (may 5) very weak but this has not prevented the organizers to hold all of the scheduled 12 races. Even in a strong wind I continued to struggle with athletes who were heavier and stronger. Could be much better, but back problems prevented. Plan to recover for the next competitions.”

Maxim Shaposhnikov, silver prize-winner of the regatta in the Laser 4.7 class: “the Regatta was good, Taganrog weather pleased, due to strong winds in the first half of the regatta played a large role in physical development. Everything went surprisingly predictable, all athletes have been ranked according to its level.”

Evgeny Kitaev,

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg


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