The plane? Boat? Both!

Designer and businessman Vasily Klyukin (Vasily Klyukin), a Monaco resident of Russian origin, introduced the concept of the transformer-yacht Monaco 2050. The entire upper deck of this extraordinary vessel is removable and is a separate aircraft with vertical takeoff. The idea Klyukina, the aircraft can climb to a height of 1000 meters, before you can use your main engines.

Vasily Klyukin is a 39-year-old businessman, who became an architect. In the past, co-founder and co-owner of the Russian Sovcombank, now a Monaco resident is engaged in the design of skyscrapers, extravagant villas and mega-yachts. In 2013 at the annual charity auction in Cannes for $ 1.5 million USA Klyukin bought the ability to fly into space in the company of Leonardo Di Caprio.

His eccentric yacht projects Klyukin has long been known. That from his table fell the yacht Manhattan, whose profile really resembles the new York area and silhouette including the Empire state building, Mississippi, which is made in the form of a riverboat with huge wheels on the midsection, and the White Swan is a yacht in the form of a Swan, dipping in and Swan’s neck in a bow.

He Klyukin comments on their projects:

“If I built a boat for himself, it would not be like the others. Of course, all boats are different, but in reality most of them are similar.

Even if you have built the largest yacht in the world, there will always be more than a rich man who wants to beat your record and build the same yacht, but a larger size. He would have taken the place of the champion, but only for a certain time, until an even larger boat. I’m not fascinated by such a competition.

I don’t want to compete at all. I just want a special yacht: one of a kind. I don’t want its uniqueness and beauty swam away from me when somebody will build its copy, but 10 meters more.”


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