The ship-the robot will go across the Atlantic

Mayflower was the name of a merchant ship, which the British, who founded one of the first British settlements in North America, in 1620, crossed the Atlantic ocean. In the way from Plymouth they went, according to historians, September 16.

400 years later, in September 2020, from Plymouth across the Atlantic will go back to Mayflower. More precisely, Autonomous Mayflower Ship (MAS) – the 100-foot ship-the robot that crosses the ocean in a fully automatic mode, will use energy from the Sun and wind and perform the way of considerable amount of research work. Finish MAS also in Plymouth, but in the us – that in Massachusetts.

Work on the project has been underway for several years, its initiators were the students and teachers at the Plymouth University (UK), joined by a group of scientists, engineers and designers in Europe and America.

A few days ago at the shipyard Aluship in Gdansk (Poland) started to cut aluminum sheet, which will become the hull of the robot (this moment is depicted in the second picture). It turns out from the theory passed to practice. The tale becomes a reality!

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