From our mail


      From our mail
      It’s surprisingly nice to receive good, kind letters. And we got that. So we decided to publish it.

From our mail

Good afternoon, dear edition! With joy and pleasure for a good mood at the beginning of the week we will send you a photo and a small report on the journey of the latest issue of YachtRUSSIA in the Mediterranean Sea.

Together with young cadets studying under the Bareboat skipper and VHF operator, the latest issue of YachtRUSSIA magazine passed 270 nautical miles!

During breaks and during rest from shifts, the crew of the Victoria yacht (a 10-meter Bermuda sloop built in 1989, Bavaria 430) was read out with a fresh release …

Behind are three night crossings, encounters with dolphins on the high seas, two border crossings (from Montenegro to Italy and vice versa), 5 ports (Budva, Herceg Novi, Kotor, Lustica Bay, Bari), full moon watches and shooting stars in the middle The Mediterranean, stunning beauty of sunsets and sunrises in the open sea, when you can not see the coast and only occasionally there are other ships.

The crew and the latest issue of the magazine passed from Lustica Bay through the Boka Kotor Strait to Kotor, then to Herceg Novi, after which they bypassed Mamula Island, a small rounded rocky island located at the entrance to the Boka Kotorska Bay between the Prevlaka and Lustica peninsulas, where in the middle of the 19th century, the governor of Austro-Hungarian Dalmatia, General Lazar Mamula, built a defensive fortress to protect the Bay of Kotor from attack from the sea.

Then they sailed to Italy, where the Victoria crew visited the Basilica di San Nicola in the city of Bari, which was built to store the relics of St. Nicholas of Myra, the patron saint of all sailors transferred in 1087 from the city of Mira. A strong and significant place for all sailors and travelers. After that, the team safely returned to Montenegro to pass exams.

Andrey Kirsanov

P.S. Have a great week! And from the bottom of our hearts we congratulate the recent birthday men – dear Vasily Senatorov and Arthur Grokhovsky!

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Chief Editor

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