Was released new edition of the magazine and the app

Out of print No. 53 of our journal, and with the app Market, Motor Boat No. 10, so that fans of solid yachts, and those who select the small swift boats, will find something to read.

By the way, about the selection: help for the upcoming autumn exhibition. Traditionally, the season opens the Cannes yachting festival, and, slightly moving the spirit from its bright Prime, go to Monaco in a dwarf state for the exhibition does not dwarf yachts. We tell you what to see, where to stay and eat, and in each instance put the map of the exhibition. If your plan was not a long journey, come and visit us in Petersburg on SPIBS: many superyachts do not promise, but a worthy guarantee.

Summer is a time of tests, and we have prepared for you many curious things. And if you are interested in overall development of the industry, then be sure to read the interview with representatives of leading European shipyards, their comments regarding the “laws of Akina”, and also thinking professionals about the use of technologies of virtual and augmented realities in the design and maintenance of yachts.

And remember: the beginning of autumn — not a reason to dry oars! Ahead of traveling, regatta and many, many hours on the water.

Magazine content and applications at http://mby.ru/ru/journal/show/id/53

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