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According to the website of the WFTU, in Taganrog came to the end championship of Russia in classes of “Laser-standard”, “Laser radial”, 470, “Finn”, “Nakra 17-mixt”, the 49th, the 49th FX, RS:x

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In classes 49-th and 49-th FX, the organizers managed to hold for 14 races; classes “Finn”, 470, “Laser-standard” and RS:X – 11; in the class “Laser radial” – 10 races in the class “Nakra 17-mixed” – 8 races.

Winners of the regatta in the classes were:



1. Timothy Grigorin-Ryabov/Alexey Safonov – 12 points

2. Vladimir Evfimievski/Nikita Clement – 34 points

3. Mark Pavlov/Victor Plekhanov – 48 points


1. Olga Seigert/Pustynnikov Anastasia – 73 points

2. Alice Frank/Valentine Lyubimova – 75 points

3. Anastasia Filonova/Ludmila Kovalenko – 78 points


1. Eugene Deev – 11 points

2. Ilya Malyshenko – 25 points

3. Michael Yatsun – 32 points


To 21 years

1. Daniil Krutskikh – 17 points

2. Cyril Evfimievski – 29 points

3. Andrey Matyushin – 37 points

To 19 years

1. Daniil Krutskikh – 17 points

2. Nikita Melnikov – 38 points

3. Simon Mechanics – 42 points

Laser radial

Juniors (under 21)

1. Maria Kisluhina – 18 points

2. Valeria, Lomachenko – 24 points

3. Catherine Birch – 34 points

Girls (under 19 years)

1. Valeria, Lomachenko – 24 points

2. Elizaveta Borovkova – 97 points

3. Maria Istratov – 128 points

Girls (under 17)

1. Elizaveta Borovkova – 97 points

Young men (till 19 years)

1. Cyril Tereshkin (boy) – 32 points

2. Sergey Doroshenko – 41 points

3. Vladimir Novoselov – 68 points

Young men (till 17 years)

1. Daniel Maistrovsky – 89 points


1. Nikita Ushkov/Kirill Boboshko – 21 points

2. Artem Sudakov/Alexander Moskvichev – 34 points

3. Denis Makarov / Andrey Marinichev – 39 points

49th FX

1. Zoya Novikova /Diana Sabirova – 15 points

2. Marina Taran/angelina Markova – 27 points

3. Anastasia Voronkova/Alyona Sukhova – 50 points

Nakra 17-mixed

1. Anastasia Mayorova/Nikolay Goryainov – 7 points

2. Simon Zabelin/Julia Malinova – 14 points



1. Ilya Kirichuk – 18 points

2. Maxim Kolcun – 20 points

3. Andrey Kudryashov – 27 points


1. Polina Firsova – 56 points

2. Maria Lemenkov – 61 points

3. Dana School – 92 points.

Young men (till 19 years)

1. Artem Akimov – 11 points

2. Anton Tokarev – 44 points

3. Dmitry Sandakov – 54 points

Girls (under 19 years)

1. Maria Lemenkov – 61 points

2. Dana School – 92 points

3. Seraphim Afanasyeva – 116 points

The results of the regatta commented the senior coach of national team Anastasia Chernova:

– The championship of Russia has passed at a good organizational level. Very lucky with the weather. The race was in different bands of winds, and the referees worked perfectly. Managed to spend almost a full race format. Only in the last day of racing due to the complete lack of wind failed to give any start. However, the winners are known. And won the championship of Russia is really strong, versatile riders who perform at a high level in strong, medium and weak wind. This regatta had only one release, so it is very important stability in the results. And the leaders, the winners were able this stability show.

In classes 49-y FX, 470 men, “Finn”, RS:X boys leaders have won almost all the races and showed an absolute advantage in their classes. Very intense fight took place in the classes of “Laser-radial”, the 49th and the “Laser” between the first two crews. And this struggle lasted until the last day.

In the Olympic classes is the championship of Russia was the first stage of selection to the national team in 2019. And in two weeks all the athletes will arrive in Sochi the championship of Russia, the results of which will be formed the youth national team in Olympic classes. Also the Russian championship is the second stage of selection in the main team of the country. The first phase took place in may at the Cup of Russia in Taganrog. Thus, by October 12, will determine the full composition of the national team of Russia.

In children’s and youth classes basic qualifying competition season ended. The boys in classes, “Laser-radial” and the RS:X past championship of Russia was the second stage of selection in these classes, the ratings of selection to the team already formed.

I wish all the athletes success in the championship of Russia. And for those who have already completed the main events of the season, it is time to analyze the results and make plans for next year.

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