The moment of truth comes

August 21, 2019

      There comes a moment of truth
      Today the names of the winners of the championship of St. Petersburg and "Optimists of the Northern Capital" will be announced.

The moment of truth comes

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The program of the fourth competitive day of the championship of St. Petersburg was saturated. The organizers needed not only to spend the race day in all the declared classes, but also to complete the qualifications among the “Optimists” and divide the riders into a “golden” and “silver” fleet. The judges coped with the task brilliantly. The favorable weather in St. Petersburg helped them in this.

The race day began with a moderate wind of 7 knots. During the competition, he subsided up to 2 knots, but each time he regained strength. In the midst of racing, the wind reached 8-9 knots.

“Three races took place at the first distance, where the senior racers chased, except for the low-speed Lasers 4.7, which had two races,” says the head judge of the competition Alexander Karmanov. – The "Optimists" ran out of qualification, five races were held. Then the athletes returned to the shore, where they had a lunch break and recount. When the secretaries summed up and the “golden” and “silver” fleet were determined, the water went out and one race in the final series. Everything's under control. Today we took a short pause in the lull – about half an hour. We waited for this moment at a great distance in order to create sports conditions. When the wind returned to its strength again, we started and still had two good races. ”

In the largest class “Optimist”, the leader is the athlete of the Academy of Sailing Kirill Shunenkov. After four victorious races on the previous day, Cyril slightly slowed down. On Tuesday, he showed the second and sixth parishes. After throwing the worst result (sixth) in his asset was six points. Another “academician” Nikita Chernykh is seven points behind his teammate, and Daniil Perchik, an athlete of Rautu, the Academy of Sailing and the ShVSM in the Air Force, is 12 points behind.

Recall that during the championship of St. Petersburg in the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg, the final stage of the regatta “Optimists of the Northern Capital. Gazprom Cup. ”

Among the girls in the standings of the “Optimists of the Northern Capital”, the sportsmen of Vodnik Dina Zhilkina and Maria Struk are the leaders (34 and 35 points). Following them was Daria Savinova from the Vyborg favorite school (44).

In the standings of the championship of St. Petersburg among girls, Alisa Ivanovskaya from the Academy of Sailing, “Rautu” and “ShVSM in the Air Force”, with 47 points, takes the first place.

In the Zum-8 class, athletes of the Sailing Academy, Rautu and ShVSM in the Air Force, Stepan Zapoyev and Daniil Serdukov, compete for leadership. For eight races, Stepan scored 15 points, and his competitor 21.

In the Luch Mini class, the first three are the Baltiets and ShVSM Air Force athletes – Grigory Aristov (6 points), Vladimir Hasanenko (15) and Veronika Smirnova (17). In the classes “Ray-Radial” and “Ray”, the first line also includes sailors from Baltiets and ShVSM on the Air Force – Anna Gaponova (8 points) and Maxim Kozubay (6 points), respectively.

In the classes "Laser 4.7" and "Laser Radial" athletes of the "Krestovsky Island" are confidently leading. In the first modification, Maxim Shapashnikov (6 points) broke away from all the pursuers, who are being chased by Peter Pashutinsky (14) and Arkady Karmanov (18), and in the second – Alexandra Lukoyanova (14) and Elizaveta Borovkova (16 points) are trying to impose a fight on Vladimir Novoselov ( 8 points).

In the pre-Olympic classes “420th” and “29th” the crews of the Academy of Sailing traditionally rule the ball. Among the “420”, the female crew of Ksenia Monastyreva / Tatyana Golozubova (11 points) is still leading. But in the “29th” class there was a change of leader – Vladislav Grakhov and Ivan Sologubov are one point ahead of Anna Korneva and Evgenia Stepanova.

“It’s easier for me to tune in to the championship of St. Petersburg than for the same Spartakiad, because I know the rivals, their weaknesses and strengths, how to work with them,” says Anna Korneva, an athlete at the Sailing Academy (class “29th”). – For me, these competitions occupy an important place in preparation for the Russian Championship. Our summer was not very competitive due to exams. I am very glad that there are guys with whom we are fighting. Last year, we did not perform very well at the Russian championship. I hope this year we will do better.

Championship of St. Petersburg turns out to be especially intense for windsurfers. In the Techno and RS: X class, the organizers have already held 11 races, and in the “DNA” class – nine.

In the "DNA" class, athletes of the Academy of Sailing are still leading. Alexey Vorozhbitov takes first place with seven points. Following him are Akim Petrov (15) and Anton Golubev (19).

In the Techno class, among the St. Petersburg athletes, Eva Boytsova (Academy of Sailing and “ShVSM in the Air Force”) leads by a large margin, gaining 20 points. Other St. Petersburg athletes – Alexey Efremov (Krestovsky Island) and Alexey Burkin (Sailing Academy) – are 29 and 69 points behind, respectively.

In the overall standings in the RS: X class, an interesting leadership battle developed between Mikhail Alexandrov (Krestovsky Island) and Dmitry Sandakov (Sailing Academy). Both athletes scored 21 points.

Recall that according to the results of the championship of St. Petersburg, the composition of the city’s team will be determined, which will represent the Northern Capital at the All-Russian regattas.

Results *:

* See: in the results there are non-resident athletes, but only the athletes representing city schools go to the championship of St. Petersburg.

Philip Kovalev

Press Service of the Academy of Sailing of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg

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