Master class from the captain


      Master class from the captain
      The 5th stage of the St. Petersburg Sailing Week is over. The fleet of competitors came to Vyborg. And on the eve of the race around the island of Hogland.

Master class from the captain

The most beautiful stage of the competition is the race around about. Hogland – passed almost in calm conditions. It is in light winds that the team is harmonious and professional, when you need to get around your rivals and each movement on the boat can either lead to victory or stop the yacht. At the passing courses, the wind comes faster to those who go behind, the fleet is gradually gathering, and the position is constantly changing.

“Captain Mikhail Sergeyevich Ukhin was with us, who went a lot on such boats. He gave us a wonderful workshop. The conditions were light, calm, on the rounding of the southern end we blinded, the whole fleet gathered, and we got a second launch. Further, in conditions of light wind, they barely walked – and reached the finish line first in their group, ”said Nikita Klyuyev, captain of the yacht“ Margot ”, winner of the 4th stage (ORC and Taurus test groups).

On the morning of August 14, the yachts participating in the sailing week sculpted course to Vyborg. The boats went with a fresh tailwind under the spinnakers, so they quickly covered the distance. 9 hours after the start, all competitors finished. True, with such a wind on some boats, there were some breakages.

“There was an offshore race from Gogland to Vyborg, we covered 60 miles in 8 hours. 8.5 knots flew, and in gusts at some point, 14 knots were recorded via GPS. It seems that the displacement boat began to become planing and flew over the water. We broke the brass, broke the carabiner of the brass, broke the boom guy’s cord. The main thing – they quickly repaired and went on. True, they were already under the Genoa and lost speed by about one knot, ”said Alexander Solovyov, captain of the Luga yacht (ORC test group).

“We worked very smoothly, calmly and without panic in an emergency. Competent actions of the team, and most importantly, calm and confident actions of the captain allowed us to fix everything very quickly, ”said Svetlana Orel, assistant captain of the Luga yacht (ORC test group).

Today, short coastal races near Vyborg will take place; on August 16, the fleet will leave for Primorsk.

Press Service of the XXIII St. Petersburg Sailing Week

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