The dream of three friends

April 29, 2019

      The dream of three friends
      Why not just find on the Internet! Here you have, for example, such a story.

The dream of three friends

Once, three friends of the Dutchman – Arjen, Andreas and Jorn – set off on tourists to sail on the Europa barque. And imagine a couple of weeks spent aboard the famous sailing ship, it was enough for all three, individually and together, to have a dream. Establish a cargo sailing company. First in the world.

And created – in 2007. The company of three friends is called Tres Hombrеs Shipping or Fairetransport. She owns two courts. The 32-meter schooner Tres Hombrеs (in the very first photo) with a lifting capacity of 45 tons runs across the Atlantic, and its “younger sister” Nordlys (25 tons) along European shores. Carry coffee and cocoa beans, wine, olive oil.

Friends are happy. The work to which they devoted their lives is not the most financial, but, in their own words, the happiest. Because they do not bring harm to nature. What others want.

And by the way, Tres Hombrеs and Nordlys always make room for trainee students. Let more happy people on the planet.

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