“The main thing — to drink “Aperol syringe” after the race!”

Moscow hosted the award ceremony “PROyachting. Man of the year”

In Moscow restaurant Siberia on the evening of November 20 was especially crowded. In the hall to honor the winners of the fifth anniversary award “PROyachting. Man of the year” was attended by over 400 guests. The scale of the event grows from year to year: in the past, 2017, invited was only 300.

A kind of aperitif before the awards ceremony was the presentation of the sport of sailing yacht ClubSwan 36 from the Finnish company Nautor’s Swan. The yacht was presented by the General Director PROyachting and the official representative of the shipyard in Russia Mikhail Kondratyev. It was the first time the boat showed to the Russian public.

To the portrait ClubSwan 36 you can now add some interesting features. For example, a screw with a movable shaft, if necessary, will be completely hidden in the body of the boat, and for transportation it can be completely removed.

“On this boat, everything is made to quickly assemble it and move it to any convenient place”, — said Mikhail Kondratyev.

For convenience, all the ends of the rigging will be output to work areas athletes responsible for different tasks on the boat. For cleaning the gennaker in the door and its setting will be set Retriever system. This ClubSwan 36 do not need a tank.

Now at the shipyard finish to create a matrix for the construction of the first hull. When, in January 2019 it will be ready in Spain will start test drives. The first customers will receive ClubSwan 36 in June of next year, and in September about ten of this type of vessels will participate in the competition within Nations Cup on Majorca.

After a short pause, which allowed the guests of the celebration to discuss the advantages and disadvantages Nautor’s Swan, the organizers began awarding the best yachtsmen of the season. First up on stage the winners of the “Amateur” series of regattas on yachts PROyachting J70 Tuesday Warm-Up Race. For the second year in a row, the gold series was won by the team “Moscow 24”. Second place at “Bongiorno a tutti 2”, and the third at Big Fish.

In the nomination “Children’s coach of the year” winner was Igor Khoroshilov of the Moscow sports school №26. For 30 years he has trained more than 30 masters of sports and masters of sports of international class. His students played at the Olympics, won the Championships and Championships of the USSR and Russia, occupied prize-winning places of the world and European Championships.

A kind of break in the chain of presenting “serious” awards nomination “Photo of the year”. The contest in Instagram and Facebook using hashtag #PROyachtingPHOTO the prize of spectator sympathies has got Victoria Shakhrai, and the jury PROyachting said the Catherine Vashchenko.

“Event of the year” was recognized as the VIII Moscow Architectural regatta, held in late may at Water stadium. In the race was attended by 60 crews, who made 290 architects and designers from all over Russia. The competition was held in two divisions: “the Architectural Studio” on the ten yacht monotypes J70 and “Private architects and designers” ten yacht Beneteau Platu 25 monotype.

“Discovery of the year” called the active participant of the regattas last season Oksana Aisino, and “Tea of the year” actress and model Anna Gorshkov. Despite the fact that the title of “Teapot” may seem unflattering, in fact, the award in this nomination is awarded to celebrities who during the past season first discovered sailing and not only became interested in them yourself, but also began to promote it among his fans.

“I’m not hurt, and very pleased that you noted my first inexperienced steps in the direction of sailing. I really hope that this is not my last achievement,” laughed Gorshkov.

The prize for the best coverage of sailing has given to the newspaper “Sport-Express” — one of the oldest Russian sports publications, which this year celebrates 27 years.

In the nomination “Breakthrough of the year” prize was awarded to the winner in the top division of the National sailing League 2018 — team “Leviathan,” which next season will represent Russia in one of the largest regattas in the Baltic Nord Stream Race.

“We just wanted to be as cool as our idols — all who did PROyachting. It is thanks to you. It is you — our inspirations”, — said the representative of the team, standing on the stage.

Prize “For will to victory” was solemnly handed over to the team “PEC: Sport”. Former rally drivers, who decided to try his hand at sailing and over the past two years managed to participate in several competitions. Apart from the winter series racing Sochi Winter Cup PROyachting, but the Premier division of the National sailing League and the Russian championship in the class J70.

“Philanthropist of the year” became Sergey Kuznetsov — the founder of the windsurf team “RS:X Russia”, who won bronze at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. For a well-deserved award he is the stage Director of the team and world champion in sailing Fedor Rytov.

The culmination of the evening was the presentation of the award “team of the year” and “Man of the year”. “Team of the year” became the crew Tavatuy, who for the second year in a row, wins gold world championship class Melges 32. Interestingly, the team is now nominated for the same award, established by the magazine Yacht Russia and the steering Pavel Kuznetsov and tactics Eugene Neugodnikov has claimed the title of “Man of the year” by the all-Russian sailing Federation. Last year during the award ceremony PROyachting the team became “one in three persons” “Person of the year”.

“How we get there? Regularly! But, really, hard! The main thing — to drink “Aperol syringe” after the races”, — laughed neougodnikov.

“Man of the year” by PROyachting this year became Chairman of the Board Snezhinskiy sailing Federation and coach Tavatuy Alexander Ekimov. In addition to active coaching and development of children’s sailing Ekimov in the team “Battleship” came in third place at the world Cup in RC44 class and took part in regattas, National sailing League.

“It is the merit of all the people with whom I worked. All the work was a team, be it organization of competitions, coaching or athletic performance. Thanks to everyone who was with me in the boat who listened to me, with whom I spent together regatta,” said Ekimov.

“Dessert” award was the awarding of the winners of a series of regattas on yachts J70 Wednesday Night Race. The results of the 21st regatta a huge Cup winners season crew got the No Pasaran.

The silver series has earned the team TREM, and bronze — female crew Angels.

The consolation prize went to the team of “East-West”, which took the series in fourth place.

“Here we are — the fourth, and nearly held on, but next year… the First, second, hold on! We’ll be somewhere near!” — promised the team.

An hour after the start of the ceremony, the cornucopia, from which the winners and the winners in all categories fell prizes finally dried up. But that’s hardly meant the end of the evening. Guests enjoyed a spectacular musical show, during which they could continue to chat, enjoy sipping drinks and enjoying snacks. All who were next to No Pasaran, had to step aside: celebrating the victory, the team shook the bottle of champagne that shot splashes several meters around.

The press wall in the entrance hall, too, always appear new wishing to make a photo for memory. No wonder that the invited ladies so carefully chose outfits and decorations and did an evening hairstyle! Another nice addition to this part of the evening was the lottery from BMW. A favorite of fortune received a certificate for long-term test drive of a sports car BMW M.

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