The concepts of two sailing superyachts from Barracuda Yacht Design

The design Studio Barracuda Yacht Design, based in Madrid, has presented two new concept sailing superyacht with a length of 31 and 40 meters, commissioned by the Turkish shipyard Mengi Yay. About reports the press service of Barracuda Yacht Design.

The order sounded simple: create a universal concept of sailing yachts, relatively inexpensive and light in construction. In response, the designers proposed layout, involving the separation of the interior on a flat, symmetrical squares. In this case, they can easily be converted to the tastes and needs of the individual customer.

In addition, Barracuda explains, the symmetry of the layout implies the same approach to the selection of materials and components for the interior and, hence, reducing costs. And even if each cabin is decorated in an individual style, but subject to a single concept, this will lead to an overall reduction in the budget.

The appearance of the yacht designers offered to make an aesthetically pleasing, modern but not overly trendy. Both yachts have a streamlined body color dark silver, recessed area with panoramic Windows and a large open cockpit with one steering column.

A smaller yacht in a pair has a maximum length of 31 meters, the length on waterline of 29.2 meters, maximum width of 7.42 meters, draught – from 4.2 to 5.6 metres. A displacement of 85 tons ballast 28 tons. On Board provides 4 cabins for 8 guests. Guest sector is located in the bow, while the crew of 4 people in the rear.

The maximum length of the second yacht is 40 metres, waterline length of 39 meters, maximum width of 8.65 metres of sediment from 4.2 to 7.5 meters. A displacement of 180 tons, ballast 60 tons. In this project, designers included 5 cabins for 10 people and shifted the guest sector in the aft part of the vessel. In this closest to the stern was a cabin owner, it has private access to the swimming platform. The crew of 8 people.

40-meter yacht will receive a fresh water tank of 18 000 litres, engine capacity of 1200 HP, two generators with a capacity of 100kW and auxiliary 40kW, its planned cruising speed of 12 knots. Similar information for the 31-meter versions not shown.

On Board each yacht provides a spacious garage for tender and water sports equipment. Both vessels will get managed in depth bulkily, carbon fibre mast and sails for possible participation in the race.

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