Heesen conveys to the owner the 50 foot yacht ‘Omaha’

Builder Heesen is proud to announce the transfer to the owner of the megayacht Omaha, the first representative of a new class of 50-meter steel yacht.

Yacht nthe project number 18350, named in a christening ceremony Omaha, handed over to the owners after intensive sea trials held in the North sea in favourable weather conditions and sea state from small to moderate.

Omaha exceeded contract speed, full speed up to 16 knots, and showed the highest manoeuvrability in different conditions due to the large rudders in combination with enhanced steering system. An independent cruising range of yachts Omaha, powered by two MTU engines 8V4000 M63, is 3,800 nautical miles at an economical speed of 12 knots. Its steel case with rounded cheekbones and a nose bulb, provide a high level of comfort for guests, exceptional seaworthiness and unmatched performance. Omaha soon will leave the Netherlands and go on a maiden voyage to the Mediterranean, where she will meet with their new owners.

​​​​​​​This 50 meter steel yacht was being built under the name Maia for the purpose of its further sale, which was carried out by Mr. Chris Collins of Ocean Independence, he, together with Mr. Wayne Foulis represented the commercial interests of the owner at the construction stage. Omaha – the first boat of the class 50-metre steel yacht new design, the external shape of which was developed by Clifford Denn. This 50 meter full-displacement yacht is modern with a full capacity of less than 500 gross tons – the successor to the 47-metre steel boat class. Clifford Denn joined the “hereditary traits” Heesen and contours inspired by classic car design, creating the truth of a yacht, not yielding to the sea. At English design Studio Reymond Langton has created a luxurious, yet comfortable interior with accommodation for up to ten guests. Only on the yacht five cabins: the master cabin is located forward on the main deck and four spacious guest Suite on the lower deck. Currently at the Heesen facility in the Dutch city of OSS is under construction Project No. 18850 ‘Triton’ boat similar to the boat of Omaha, which will be completed in February 2020.

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