Another “yacht” movie

Recently Directors and writers have shown remarkable interest in sailing, offering us several films (good or not is another question).

But the subject is not exhausted, and the world film added another “sailing” film has collected several awards on the festival 2018 the Berlinale, where it premiered.

However, Styx is not on the yacht. And it’s not a blockbuster, but rather a psychological drama. This is a film about moral choice. A successful German physician, came from Gibraltar alone on vacation on a yacht, meets the open sea of the dying boat, which is a few dozen African refugees. Her radiopurity about help no one answers…

Of additional interest to the ribbon can add a very high quality approach to shooting the actual sailing part: actress Susanne Wolff, who plays the main character, the yachtswoman with the experience (though she admitted that the hardest thing was to play an experienced yachtswoman: “there is No room for creativity”). The Director – the Austrian Wolfgang Fischer also gave tribute to the passion of sail.

But the scene of the embarkation of the yacht jumped overboard boy crew were rehearsing one day, once again making sure that found themselves in the water and powerless people will not be able to Board the yacht, even if he will assist on the yacht helmsman.

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