An open letter to the President of the all-Russian sailing Federation Vladimir Silkin

10 Oct 2018
Moscow – Saint-Petersburg

Dear Vladimir!

Earlier in the week it became known that the President of sailing Federation of Ukraine appealed to the leadership of World Sailing (world sailing Federation) with the requirement to exclude from the WFTU in the number of national federations – members of the WS. As the main motivation for such requirements is indicated a violation of the Rule 89.1 of the International Rules of sailing races (GPR-17), associated with the fact that the WFTU (in the face of the conductive member organizations) in 2015 is independently organized and conducted in the Crimea of the national championship, the Cup and the qualifying regatta, without the consent and participation FPSU to do allegedly had no right.

It should be noted that treatment by FPSA in which she protested against carrying out in Crimea of the sailing competitions of the high level under the auspices of the WFTU, has been in the past. This primarily concerned the holding of regattas, with the status of national competition. In particular, for example, in 2017 that was to the championship of Russia on Windsurfing.

But most of all the President FPS Rodion Luka somehow excited about this aspect of the organization in the Crimea competitions, the National sailing League – this regatta races scheduled in Crimea for the end of October – beginning of November, and was the reason for the demarche FPS. That note is very strange, because Rodion Luka himself had been a participant in this regatta (and this, incidentally, is a very serious question to those Russian sailing figures, who – knowing his position in the matter under discussion – continued to invite him to race in the League).

FPSO specific statement was: “As we know from the Draft the Provisions on competition in the National sailing League in 2018 and the Preliminary calendar of the top division and Premier division, which are posted on the website of the WFTU plans to host the finals of the National sailing League in the city of Sevastopol. Such plans do not meet the requirements of the Rules of the sailing competition and are inconsistent with previous agreements on this issue. Sailing Federation of Ukraine asks to reconsider the question of the finals of the National sailing League and determine a different venue for this event.” (However, as it became known edition YR, FPSO was initially prepared to be satisfied with some kind of financial compensation from the all-Russian sailing Federation, the Ukrainian side was denied.)

And here we must say something. In Russia, the competitions, the National sailing League started today to replace him is anything and everything, and for this commercial, in essence, regatta (where, recall, established a separate legal entity) is spent in cash and human resources of the Federation, its Board of Trustees. On the background of extremely weak performances of the national team and its chronic lack of money for organising a regatta of the National League sought large sums of money, there are athletes who are distracted from preparing for the main starts of the national team (by the way, egregious recent case: several Russian sailors fell from the last days of the world championship in Aarhus, and othona regatta entirely left to chase the race of the League!).

Understand correctly: the log is not against the races of the League, but they are – for the umpteenth time recall – must be conducted exclusively as a private commercial tournament (and, for that matter, the way the race club team and not as competition to private mercenary crews).

But, be that as it may, today it so happened that hundreds and thousands of Russian sailors became hostages of the irresponsible organizers of the private, in fact, competition. The reckless policies of the current leadership of the WFTU, or rather, the complete absence of it as such, jeopardized the fate of the sailing of Russia. Because the demand FPSU – bude it will be satisfied at the level of WS – I will put domestic sailing a huge blow, from which he is unlikely to recover in the coming years.

Deprived of membership in WS all-Russian sailing Federation, in particular, will lose the right to claim the Russian sportsmen for participation in any international sailing regattas (Rule 75.1 (a): “a Yacht shall be submitted: a member of a club or other organization within the national organization which is a member of the World Sailing”), as well as the right to conduct on the territory of the Russian Federation of any of the sailing events of the official level (Rule 89.1: “Race should be organized by the organizing authority, which shall be: (a) World Sailing; (b) national organization – member of the World Sailing; (c) club, part of the national organization; …”. Needless to say how much damage it can bring domestic sailing – it’s no less talking about a complete shutdown of Russian athletes from the entire world of sailing process. Does this fully, the leadership of the WFTU?

This requirement FPSO should be considered at the Regular conference WS held at the Saratoga (USA) from 27 October to 4 November this year. Believe, Vladimir Nikolaevich, you are well aware that in the condition of today’s incredible in its level of intensity of anti-Russian hysteria, and even in the United States, this decision may dragged into life with the corresponding negative consequences for the entire sailing of the Russian Federation.

We know that the Saratoga sent a representative Russian delegation. In particular, the WS Conference honors with his presence the President of the WFTU. With the support of ROC there also are sent to members of various committees and commissions to conduct in place of propaganda work.

We, like all Russian sailors, of course, we wish our delegation the best of luck, and want her to retain the membership of the WFTU in the composition of WS, but we fear: what are the next steps of the current leadership of the WFTU will once again be able to put the Federation under attack? Our hopes of a successful outcome of the Conference at Saratoga should not be considered an endorsement of inaction and irresponsibility of the management team that led for the sake of their private commercial interests of Russian sail actually on the edge of the abyss.

P. S. And finally, a few words about Rodion Luka, who keeps repeating in private meetings, that such treatment is not his initiative, that he is forced to do some “evil guys”. There is a simple and honest way – to voluntarily resign from the post of President FPZU.

The editors of magazine Yacht Russia

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