The Australian team had a landslide victory on the home stage series SailGP

The owners of the first stage of the competition, held in Sydney on 15-16 February, almost did not give opponents a chance to beat themselves. Only during the first of the six starts the Australians finished fifth. While all the other races they invariably winners.

The main rivals are the Australians in the fight for first place was the team from Japan. The crew finished in first place during the first race, failed for the hosts of the competition. Because of this, even two second places didn’t prevent the Japanese to become leaders in the overall standings after the first day.

“Our team did a good job. We first participated in the race in this format. Sometimes we were wrong, but obviously less than others. For the first SailGP and the first day of our team I could not ask for more,” said the helmsman of the Japanese team Nathan Outridge (Nathan Outteridge).

The Australians were only the second and third place went to the team from the UK.

“The more weak was the wind, the worse we went. The more wind, the better for us,” stated the helmsman Australians Tom Slingsby (Tom Slingsby).

The night after the first day, the team spent analyzing the technical specifications of the boats accumulated over the past three races. It is noteworthy that each team was available including information about the opposition.

Especially it was important for the team from the UK.

“We needed to see how the Japanese and Australian teams are maneuvering. We quickly passed into the regime of failing, but at the same time turns the wind failed us,” said steering Brits Dylan Fletcher (Dylan Fletcher).

During the second day of competition, Britain were fighting with Japan for silver in the overall standings, however, the British failed to change the balance of power. To participate in the final leg-the flight from Australia was Japan.

Although the Japanese skipper Nathan Outridge was the main test 15 metre F50 while designing these newest catamaran, and boasts the extensive experience of ship management in SailGP, it didn’t help his crew. The steering skill of the Japanese team the Australians opposed to the teamwork.

During the final duel with the black-green of the Australian catamaran broke away from the opponent at 350 meters and crossed the finish line almost 40 seconds faster. Apparently, still nothing Autridge said yesterday that the Australians easily beat.

“They made us just because we were wrong”, — confidently said the Japanese tie the end of the first day.

However, over the next three days his team failed to overtake the masters stage.

The next stage SailGP will be held in San Francisco on may 4-5. The hostess there will be the youngest team SailGP. During this competition, the Americans took the last sixth place, but is determined to take revenge at home. For this they will have to work fine and to draw lessons from the Australian stage.

“As a team, we still have much to learn about the boat and how best to work together. This catamaran is incredibly difficult to walk. We will learn all possible lessons from these events to improve. We have all the necessary components for this,” says the helmsman Americans ROM Kirby (Kirby Rome).

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