Almost 350 athletes from 15 countries!

March 4, 2019

      Almost 350 athletes from 15 countries!

Already on March 8, the second season of the international children's regatta OptiOrange Valencia starts in Spain. Initiated in 2018 by the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, OptiOrange Valencia was able to multiply the number of participants in a short period.

Almost 350 athletes from 15 countries!

In the yacht club El Real Club Náutico Valencia, which is the co-organizer of the competition, almost 350 young athletes from 15 countries of the world will enter the water!

The official talisman of the regatta, so beloved by all in the past year, is the orange Naranjito.

The composition of the participants OptiOrange Valencia 2019 looks very impressive. There are many famous names, winners of major international regattas. The vast Spanish team, which represents at least a dozen clubs in the country, is headed by world championship winner Maria Perello Mora from Mallorca and European vice-champion David Santacru Traves from Father Tenerife. Here is also the current leader of the Spanish Optimist Excellence Cup, Miguel Campos.

Belgium is represented by almost the entire national team, which represented the country at world and European championships. Ireland sent the top-5 national championship to Valencia. From the Netherlands arrived one of the best full-school sailing schools. Strong teams will represent the UK, Poland, Switzerland and Italy.

It is worth paying attention to small teams. Latvia is represented only by two athletes, but one of them – Martin Attila – has just won a fleet of 500 participants in Palamos and is second in the Spanish Optimist Excellence Cup. A small team of Bermuda was led by national champion and winner of the British Open, Christian Abbain. From Ukraine stands only one athlete, representative of the sailing dynasty Maria Leonchuk.

The Russian fleet is the second largest team after the Spaniards. Athletes of the Academy of sailing and the team "Rautu" represent the growing fleet of the Northern capital. Here, both experienced athletes from two schools joined the OptiPRO team as well as beginners. In particular, if we talk about the leaders of the Russians, it is worth noting the prize-winner and winner of the Russian championships Kirill Shunenkov and the silver prize-winner of the 2018 junior youth championship Nikita Chernykh (both are Academy), the prize-winner of the 2017 Russian championship Ivan Okhotnikov (Raut).

“At first, we planned just an advanced training camp with Spanish athletes in Valencia, but the initiative was supported by a large number of local schools, and last year we already had more than 80 athletes at the start,” says the commander of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, Vladimir Lyubomirov. – In the new season, we already have 350 athletes, and this is truly an international level of competition. We are pleased that the club’s initiative is such a success. At the same time, this is a big responsibility for us, because teams from 15 countries of the world will arrive! Without exaggeration, this is the largest outdoor event that was ever organized by the Russian yacht club! "

The competition program looks very interesting. In addition to the races themselves, the guys will be able to visit the famous City of Sciences and Arts of Valencia, see the enchanting "Festival of Fire", and most importantly, enjoy the famous Spanish oranges, which gave the name to the competitions.

Before the start of the competition for all comers, the famous Belgian coach Peter van der Boske will hold a training clinic.

Competitions OptiOrange Valencia will be held March 7-10, training clinic van der Boske is scheduled for March 5-7.

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