Artyom Maksimkin unstoppable!

May 2, 2019

      Artyom Maksimkin unstoppable!
      With three races on May 1, the second race day, the qualification ended at the Sochi Yacht Club Cup. Artem Maksimkin from Dolgoprudny continues to lead the standings with six (!!!) first arrivals. The regatta will be the 2nd stage of selection for the Russian national teams in the most popular children's class of yachts in the world “Optimist”.

Artyom Maksimkin unstoppable!

© Ivan Maximov (from the drone), Alexander Serdyuk

No May Day demonstrations. The fleet was sent to the water a little later than planned, at the beginning of the 12th, and the athletes began to return to the coast only around 17:00.

This was due primarily to the unstable Sochi wind. After a successful first race, the wind several times changed direction and strength, then going ashore, then, on the contrary, towards the open sea.

An hour with a little agonizing wait, the judges finally decided to start, and, fortunately for everyone, did not lose. 2 more races allowed to complete the qualification and make the redistribution to the "gold", "silver" and "bronze" fleets.

Artyom Maksimkin (Dolgoprudny, "Vodnik") remains completely inaccessible to rivals – again the first three parishes, the "fence" in the jargon of yachtsmen. Last year's silver medalist of the Championship of Russia in the class “Optimist” Danila Ivanov (St. Petersburg, “Krestovsky Island”) rose to second place, he has 7 points, wards today is 1-2–2, the third was an athlete from Raftu DSPK (Andrei Sotnikov) 9 points, 3 first arrivals on the second day), Kirill Shunenkov (St. Petersburg, Academy of Sailing of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg) is still in fourth place – 11 points, parishes 7-1-1.

It is important to note that Danila and Andrei have almost no right to make a mistake – according to the regatta's position, only one result is released. Danila was disqualified after reviewing the protest on the first day, Andrew came in the second race 31st, so the guys will try not to risk in the final, because any bad start or violation of the rules will throw them out of the first three.

For girls, all three first places are still among the pupils of legendary coach Anatoly Anatolyevich Parfenenko from Dolgoprudny: Maria Struk, Alisa Ivanova and Dina Zhilkina, and Maria is also 10th overall, and Dina is also a leader among younger girls . The second place among the younger girls is still occupied by Eva Turkina (St. Petersburg, “Krestovsky Island”), Yuliya Naymushina (Krasnoyarsk) moved up to the third place.

Among the younger boys, the first, like yesterday, is Dmitry Eremin (St. Petersburg, “Krestovsky Island”), Artem Cherpita (Sevastopol) – still second, but in third place.

According to the plan, the start of the third day's races is scheduled for 11:00, but the capricious weather in Sochi can make its adjustments.

The general management of the competition is carried out by the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation, the All-Russian Sailing Federation, the Sailing Federation of Sochi, together with the Association of the Optimist class with the support of the Southern Federal Center for Sports Training "Yug Sport"

The names of the owners of the Yacht Club Cup will be announced on May 4 at 17:00. The final composition of the national teams that will represent Russia at the World and European Championships will be known after the Association Cup, which will be held in early June in St. Petersburg.

Evgeny Kitayev,

Press Service of the Academy of Sailing Yacht Club St. Petersburg

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