The anniversary of the legendary lighthouse

Today celebrated its tercentenary anniversary of one of the oldest lighthouses in Russia – Tolbukhin lighthouse, established near Kronstadt. We introduce you to the material “Fontanka” dedicated to this event.

In St.-Petersburg on August 28, celebrated the 300th anniversary of the creation of the Tolbukhin lighthouse, one of the oldest in Russia, located a few kilometers from the island of Kotlin. Usually there’s only two people, but today was crowded.

“Birthday” of the lighthouse is celebrated on August 28 formally, on the basis of historical data. As reported by “Fontanka” the press service of the Western military district, on the island took place the solemn event with the participation of guests from the Ministry of defense, has installed the sign in honor of 300-anniversary.

Congratulations were also received by the head technician and the lighthouse – a married couple working there for almost a year. About “dream jobs” captain of the second rank in the resignation of Dmitry Masko learned in your 47th birthday and immediately decided, his wife supported him, the media wrote. The superintendent must, twice a day to rise to 25-meter height for 95 steps to check the bulb. Wife cooked on the stove, the products they deliver every few months.

On August 13 in the series “Lighthouses of Russia” in post issued a postage stamp to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the lighthouse Tolbukhin nominal value of 32 rubles. In addition to the release of the brand of JSC “Mark” will be issued first day covers and stamp is made of special damping for Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, unmarked card.

The Tolbukhin lighthouse, set on an artificial island at the tip of the spit Kotlinski, extending to the North-West of Kotlin island. It is an important landmark in this part of the Gulf, its light visible at a distance of 19 miles.

Its construction began in 1719 by order of Peter I. the Construction of a wooden lighthouse completed on 7 August, 1719. At first it was called Kotlinski, and in 1736 it was renamed in honor of Colonel Fedot Semenovich Tolbukhin, the first commandant of Kronstadt who had distinguished themselves in the defense of Kotlin during the Northern war.

Mayak Tolbukhin is included as a monument in the UNESCO World heritage site, and in may of this year, Smolny took the decision on inclusion in the register of monuments of Petersburg.

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