Meet Nations Cup Gold!

International League riders, participating in the yacht class “Star” – the Star Sailors League (SSL) was only established in 2013 But has already gained considerable popularity in the yachting world. And recently announced the creation under its auspices of a new largest sailing event!

You should start, perhaps, after all, with the story of the Star Sailors League, which in Russia, by and large, learned only last year, when the SSL finals in the Bahamas for the first time by the Russian team silver medalist in Atlanta George Shaiduko and Alexander Zybin.

Lavrov in the Bahamas, the Russians, alas, not earned, but we met with SSL competition in the class “Star”, which, as has been said, are with 2013 – with the financial support of the Swiss Michel Niklaus. For some 5 years, SSL has managed to achieve a truly immense popularity and credibility. No wonder the international Federation – World Sailing – including a Star League in the list of the most important sailing competitions in the world – along with America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean Race.

And now… Now SSL made more than a sudden step. He announced recently that creates an umbrella brand new sailing tournament – Nations Gold Cup, participation in which invites boaters of all 140 countries that are members of the World Sailing.

It is planned that the first time the “Golden Cup of the Nations” will be drawn in 2021 (it was specifically noted that the system of the drawing identical to the one on which to conduct the world Cup), and then will go through the year 2023, 2025, etc. To the final starts – based on the World Sailing rankings and SSL – allow 40 strongest teams. One from the country.

So, this affects us directly. Among the forty strongest Russia – with all our current problems – should get, right?!

Next. All participating Nations in the Gold Cup teams will receive from the SSL at its disposal the identical 45-foot monohull yacht designed for a crew of 8 to 10 people. Selecting the team, the advantage should be to those boaters who are in SSL.

The first “Golden Cup” will be in 2021 played in Europe (not yet specified). To create equal conditions for all teams they will have the opportunity to prepare for competitions at the training base SSL in Switzerland. With more time on the water should carry out the commands of the developing countries.

Attention! All the details can be found in the press release.

And now – back attention! Today, November 1, SSL is now accepting applications from those who would like to become a captain (and also, perhaps, skipper) his national team. This person should be responsible for the selection of candidates for the team, organizing the training process, etc.

AU, the Federation and the team! You, on idea, should care in the first place. Better hurry, otherwise you may find that the captain is already taken by someone who is a random person and absolutely do not correspond to this position.

And that Nations Gold Cup will be one of the most exciting and prestigious sailing events in the world, no doubt about it.

Because experience shows all that you take in the Star Sailors League, they brought to light.

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