SSL-2019: first day results

December 4, 2019

      SSL-2019: first day results
      The Nassau Yacht Club in the Bahamas has launched the 7th Star Sailors League finals – the decisive Star of the Year boat race in which famous yachtsmen from 22 countries take part.

SSL-2019: first day results

Curious statistics. Among the participants are four Olympic champions and 9 silver and bronze medalists of the Olympics, 23 world champions in the Star class, and two more in other Olympic classes. Plus a winner of the Volvo Ocean Race and 8 winners of previous SSL finals.

As we already reported, Russian riders, unlike the previous two years, this time do not compete in Nassau.

Two races took place yesterday, and the conditions, in the general opinion, were close to ideal. At the end of the day, Eivind Melleby (Norway) and Josh Revkin (USA) took first place – they have 6 points (2nd and 4th arrivals). Note that in 2017 this crew won the world championship in the Star class.

Next come Diego Negri (Italy) and Fridtjof Kleen (Germany) – 7 points (parishes 1 – 6). Oscari Mukhonen (Finland) and Vitaliy Kushnir (Ukraine) – 13 (4 – 9) in the third position.

Detailed Results –,ssl-finals-6

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