The only race of the day was won by Samokhin

November 14, 2019

      The only race of the day was won by Samokhin
      On the third day of the IV stage of the European Cup in the Dragon class, which takes place in Puerto Portals in Mallorca, one race was held. I won it, as you already know, Dmitry Samokhin at RUS76 Roknrolla.

The only race of the day was won by Samokhin

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By the sum of three days and five races held (with one surge), the Samokhin team (Casper Kharsberg and Andrey Kirilyuk) takes second place in the table – 17 points, arrivals 1 – (13) – 2 – 13 – 1.

The NED412 Troika is still the leader of the famous Dutch skipper Peter Heerem. But now the backlog of “Rocknolls” is only 2 points.

But what places are the other Russian teams taking now:

12. RUS27 Annapurna (Anatoly Loginov) – 38 points … 19. RUS35 Sunflower (Victor Fogelson) – 78. … 25. RUS31 Integrity (Mikhail Senatorov) – 88. … 28. RUS34 To be continued (Vasily Senatorov) – 95. … 40. RUS6 Stasya (Alexander Schmid) – 149.

Detailed Results –

Today is the last day of the IV stage of the European Cup. Tomorrow and Saturday in the same place, in Puerto Portals, – the Grand Prix finals.

P.S. A strong wind did not allow on Thursday a single race. So the results that we published are final. Roknrolla took second place.

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